The Sagittarius’ Guide to Netflix and Chill

The stars are telling us you're going to have an epic night, Sagittarius.

Alright Sagittarius, you fun-loving, crazy mofo, you. It’s time to take a break from your world travels for a little Netflix and Chill sesh. We know, we know, you’d rather be skydiving in New Zealand or wine tasting through Tuscany, but it’s time for a little down time with your favorites. And being the extrovert who’s always surrounded by your peeps, you’re throwing the party. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s the breakdown of your ultimate Netflix and Chill night.

  • Movie choice: Documentary


    You literally get off to learning about people and cultures other than your own. Expanding your mind is a regular pastime for you and you’re constantly on the search for the true meaning of life. Get your knowledge on, Sagy.

  • Snacks: Trail Mix, cheese board, veggie platter


    You thrive off of mixing things up. Your snacks should be no exception. Have a schmorgesborg of everything you like, honestly. The more options, the better. We would never have you commit to one thing.

  • Drinks: A light, fruity mixed drink, preferably with vodka


    A nice cocktail with mixed flavors will delightfully surprise you and match your bubbly personality. You’re all about that life. It’s what you need to compliment your already-flawless evening and get your buzz on while you’re at it.

  • Company: Lots of friends (probably Aries and Leo) and/or family


    Most people use Netflix and Chill as an excuse to bone, but not you, Sagy. Your best company is your BFFs who enlighten you and make you constantly laugh.

  • Occasion: You’re throwing the party


    That’s right. You love nothing more than being surrounded by your loved ones, and your enthusiasm will only motivate them to come together for this fab occasion. Give yourself a little more credit, host(ess) with the most 😉

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.