The Only #NetflixAndChill Snack Guide You’ll Ever Need

My neck, my back, my Netflix, and my snacks.

We’ve given you life-changing #NetflixAndChill memes, have steered you away from libido-killing Netflix options, and directed you towards the least-scary horror choices. Now it’s only right that we provide you with the snackage that’ll give you the orgasms binge-watching won’t. We’ve paired every Netflix genre with the perfect snacks, so depending on whatever tickles your fancy, you’re in for a mind-blowing night.

  • Action & Adventure: Chex Mix Bold Party Blend

    Chex Mix

    Your movie choice is a wild ride, and your snack should be, too.

  • Anime & Animation: Jelly beans


    Your life is colorful as f–k right now. Enjoy the sugar high.

  • Children & Family: Fruit by the Foot, Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and/or Drunkaroos

    Betty Crocker

    Relive the glory of your childhood and relive it all the way.

  • Classics: Popcorn


    Do the classic movie right with a damn classic snack.

  • Comedy: Cookies and/or pretzels


    In terms of being chewed and spit out from laughing so hard, these are your most attractive options.

  • Documentary: Chips and dip


    Expand your taste buds and your mind.

  • Drama: A Ben & Jerry’s pint of your choice


    Every time you want to reach for a tissue, shovel more Chunky Monkey into your mouth instead. Much more rewarding, IMO.

  • Horror: The variety candy blend


    You’re going to need it to cope.

  • Romance: If you’re single, a whole pizza and wine; if you’re taken, a whole pizza and wine.


    It’s better to drown your single sorrows in pizza and wine than tears. On the other hand, if you’re taken, you’re nice and comfy in your relationship status and therefore couldn’t care less about putting on some LBs. Go to town.

  • Music & Musicals: Veggie and dip platter


    Variety is the spice of life. You’re gonna get it in your musical affair, why not have it in your snackage? Plus, this makes for a light snack that won’t weigh you down when you break into song and dance.

  • Sports & Fitness: A protein bar and/or shake


    It’s unfortunate, but that was your choice to make, friend.

  • Independent: Macaroons


    A special flick calls for a special snack. Your movie choice may not be fancy AF, but that doesn’t mean you and your snacks aren’t.

  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Milky Way Midnight

    Milky Way

    They’re out of this world, don’t you think?

  • TV Series: Chips on chips on chips


    You will never, ever get full. Stay hungry, friends. You have a lot of binging to do.

  • Thrillers: Oreos


    Cover each eye with an Oreo, or use the whole damn box. I won’t tell if you won’t.

Happy eating/watching/binging.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.