Rude Paparazzi Moments from 2015 That Will Make You Turn Red

In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

The paparazzi are notorious for causing a scene, ruining days (lives, even) and being downright intrusive. And yet without them, how would we have such glorious things as this picture of Beyonce looking like a Christmas tree?

Many celebrities have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with the paparazzi, even though the paps are the ones helping to keep the buzz around celebrities alive. But as we know all too well, the paps will go to extreme lengths to snap pictures of beloved stars, and they’re often extremely rude while doing so.

From Cara Delevingne’s up-the-skirt photo to Kylie Jenner getting “attacked,” these are the rudest paparazzi moments of the year.

  • When photographers told One Direction fans to get out of the way


    Niall Horan was in the mood to be worshiped by his fans when the stupid paparazzi screwed up his day. The paps apparently told One Direction fans to get out of the way so that they could snap better pics, thus ruining Niall’s mood. He voiced his frustration via the above tweet.

  • This photo of Kelly Clarkson’s literal butt

    Splash News

    This is a photo of Kelly Clarkson. Okay, you’re right, it’s actually just her butt. Some rude photographer snapped a pic of Kelly’s behind and tagged it as her online. Do better, paps.

  • When Khloe Kardashian encountered “scum paps”


    Khloe Kardashian was on her way to an infectious disease doctor (?) when she suddenly realized how “scum” the paparazzi can be. She was already feeling pretty weak (??) and the paps made her experience all the more worse. KoKo, you good?

  • This invasive pic of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton FaceTiming

    Splash News

    Gwen Stefani was trying to get her life when someone zoomed all the way in on her phone. Who was on the screen? New beau Blake Shelton, of course. This is FaceTiming in a park at its finest, people.

  • Justin Bieber’s naked vacation pics

    Splash News

    Biebs’ penis pretty much ruled 2015. There was the Calvin Klein Photoshop incident, a couple nudies circulating the Internet, that infamous naked butt pic and then this. Justin was enjoying the Bora Bora sun when sneaky paps photographed his peen. He was pissed.

  • That time that paps sold pics of Bruce Jenner in a dress

    Getty Images

    Before Caitlyn made her debut, the paparazzi were thirsty for any and every picture of Bruce Jenner in women’s clothing. In a totally gross invasion of privacy, the paps snapped some photos of Bruce at home in a dress. Yes, folks, the thirst was that real.

  • When someone tried to take a pic up Cara Delevingne’s skirt


    Paps were literally up Cara’s butt one day and she was not having it. I mean, what’s a girl wearing a skirt to do in a world full of creeps with cameras?

  • When Lady Gaga “took a tumble”

    Splash News

    My hand is on my heart right now. Gaga, queen, this was not one of your finer moments in life. Praying to the photography gods to show a little mercy on you the next time your knees give way, but seriously, paps. Someone should have given the Lady a hand.

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