People Thought Kylie Jenner Tried to Look Black at a Golden Globes After Party. But Where?

Are we missing something?

Kylie Jenner is catching some flack on Twitter for the makeup she wore to a Golden Globes after party Sunday night. The queen of jigglin’ booties opted for some particularly dark bronzer to go with her cream-colored dress. (In our opinion, Mel Gibson looked darker in the bronzer he wore to the Globes.) And the result? People thought she was trying to look like a “light-skinned black woman.” Take a look at a few messages from some not-so-happy members of Black Twitter:

Jenner has been called out for racial appropriation in the past. There was that time last spring she did a photo-shoot in what people saw as blackface. Plus, she ticked people off in July when she sported cornrows just for s–ts and giggles. We completely understand the reasoning for both instances.

But we’re scratching our heads a little bit at this one. Yes, the bronzer–or whatever she used on her face–is a few shades too dark, but it doesn’t seem like she intentionally tried to look black. It seems more like an excessive tanning job than an attempt to mimic a culture.

Perhaps we don’t see it yet. Tell us if you think Jenner tried to look black at this party in the comments, and–more importantly–explain why.