Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Super Bowl Ad Exudes DILF Vibes Your Lady Hormones Can’t Handle

Is it hot in here or is it just Drake's turtleneck?

Drake has misunderstood his calling. Rapping, yes. Acting, obvi. But all of this petty BS with Meek Mill needs to stop pronto. We all know he just wants love and this snuggly teddy bear of a sexy man needs to be out there fathering a child. Or six. Preferably with one of us.

T-Mobile released its 2016 Super Bowl ad, “Restricted Bling” this morning, and a turtleneck-wearing Drake gives Mister Rogers meets Tyson Beckford vibes your womanly impulses simply can’t resist. He’s ready. Are you?

  • Here he is in his turtleneck, gently telling you you’ve been a bad girl.


    A very bad girl.

  • Only a true DILF could pull off an artistic display of dance like this.


    Giving it his all.

  • Just making the kids proud.


    With these moves that are *hopefully* hereditary.

  • Taking a breather from those few seconds of non-embarresing glory.


    Well earned.

  • Here he is reasoning with you like the sweet angel he is.


    In acting that isn’t corny whatsoever.

  • He knows it, too.


    D I L F.

Watch your dreams come true, here:

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