Amber Rose Swearing off Dating Rappers Is Literally All of Us With Our Psycho Exes

She couldn't be more adorable. Or perfect. Or us.

Bad Bitch Amber Rose has publicly been through the mill with exes Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Men…

Even though they did her wrong (like, v. v. v. v. wrong), the good thing is she’s still open to finding love again. But when she tapped into the mystical mind of Tyler Henry on E!’s Hollywood Medium, he mentioned Amber becoming romantically involved with someone in the music industry who’s similar to her exes. Seriously. Her calm, cool, HELL-F—ING-no reaction couldn’t be more accurate.

Here’s what happened when Amber was literally you.

First, she told Tyler, “I guess I want to know if I’m gonna find love again and if I’m gonna have more babies,” with this adorably hopeful expression:


Then, he mentioned the dreaded word “rapper”… and it came.

“No, I don’t want to date a rapper anymore!,” she said. “Get them away from me!” The trauma. The shade. The class. Those five simple words will stand the test of time along with this perfect look of utter disbelief:


You know on the inside she’s cursing them out while thinking: “You gotta be s—ing me.”

Then, Tyler got into detail saying he could see her having two romantic possibilities in the near future: one with a man whose name starts with a T and another man with a record label. Still, we’re on the music theme, and here Amber is like…


F—in’ a.

I think you found your new spirit animal if you hadn’t already as well as your new life motto: “Get them away from me.”

Get your life by watching Amber tell off her slut-shamers:

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.