This Fuller House Star Just Wiped off Miley Cyrus Shade Like a Piece of Lint

Happy International Women's Day.

Someone just pulled a Miley Cyrus… on Miley Cyrus.

The star, tongue out and laden with strap-ons, is the queen of not giving a f–k. But another celeb out there is giving her a big fat dose of her own royal medicine by flicking off haters like unwanted bugs, and it’s kind of amazing.

The rainbow-obsessed singer posted a photo of Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin, back when she was in her darker days. (The star is a recovering drug addict, and wrote the memoir unSweetined to detail her troubles.)

She captioned these old photos of Jodie with: “Current Mood #fuller house.”


Fan reactions were bad enough to cause Miley to delete the post. And you thought the Mary-Kate and Ashley shade was the worst of the drama that’s come from this show.

Anyway, this morning, E! caught Jodie, who’s joining the next group of contestants on Dancing With the Stars, and she couldn’t be less fazed by Miley’s low blow.

“I don’t pay attention to negative stuff,” she said. “I have so much good stuff going on in my life right now.” She also mentioned that giving any bit of attention to the negativity is just “not worth it.”


And that’s some Bette Midler, next-level shiz right there.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.