Bette Midler is Still Throwing Shade at Kim Kardashian, And Hopefully It’s the Last

When will it end?

Bette Midler won’t give Kim Kardashian a rest. She first threw shade at Kim via Twitter for posting a completely nude selfie, and now she’s back at it again with the Twitter jokes.

Earlier today, she tweeted out a sarcastic joke toward Kim to donate to #StagesForSuccess. Bette sort-of compliments the reality TV star a brilliant businesswoman, but then she states it’s due to her backside. Clever, Bette.


Kim K hasn’t yet responded to the recent tweet, and we hope she doesn’t. It was cute the first time, but watching this Twitter beef between Kardashian and Midler is not how we want to spend our pettiest moments of 2016. Please let this be over!

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