9 Celebrity Kids Who Stole Their Parents’ Spotlight This Year (So Far)

Blue Ivy, Riley Curry and all your faves.

As rapper and Carrie Bradshaw-level shoe lover Kanye West once said, “Listen to the kids.”

If you’re a celebrity kid, chances are you were in the limelight before you were even born. The media waited patiently for your parents to make you, and once the news of your eventual coming was announced, they followed your mother’s pregnancy style more than Donald Trump’s thoughtless antics. When you finally made your way out of the womb, millions of people waited days, weeks or months to see your face and would take note of anything and everything you were doing (probably spitting up on your dad).

Celebrity kids never asked to be in the spotlight—they just are—and to some of them (Riley Curry, Blue Ivy and Bella Hadid, to name a few), navigating the famous life comes naturally. They make headlines without even trying and we love them for it. Check out these nine times famous kids stole the spotlight this year (so far).

  • Cori Gunz

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    Love & Hip Hop Star Amina Buddafly brought Cori, her daughter with Peter Gunz, along to a recent interview with Rock Rants. As toddlers are apt to do, Cori was restless during the interview and actually ended up farting on the interviewer’s leg in what became a hilarious interruption.

  • Riley Curry

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    After landing the magazine cover she deserved, Riley Curry stole the spotlight from her father at a press conference. Steph Curry had just been named the first NBA player to be unanimously voted MVP and Riley just wanted everyone to know she’s always watching.

  • Skai Jackson

    Disney star Skai Jackson slayed Azealia Banks’ entire existence after Banks went on a racist Twitter rant against Zayn Malik. Skai, 14, put Banks, 25, in her place, giving the Internet plenty of fodder for hilarious memes.

  • Bella Hadid

    Bella Hadid is the Hadid family’s breakout star of the year. Bella became the latest beauty ambassador for Dior in May and has solidified her role as fashion and beauty icon via walking in Fashion Week and serving plenty of ’90s fashion inspiration off-duty.

  • Corinne Foxx

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    Corinne Foxx, Jamie Foxx’s 21-year-old daughter, stole her father’s spotlight earlier this year when she served as Miss Golden Globe at the 2016 Golden Globes. “This young lady deserves this moment,” Jamie said of his daughter’s awards show duties.

  • Caroline Cruz

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    Caroline Cruz made headlines when she yelled “ow” as father and former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz tried to kiss her. Caroline was later spotted running from her father’s touch at a campaign and put him on blast on national television.

  • North West

    Over the course of a few months, North West went from being “scared of Snapchat” to loving it more than her Snap-addicted mom does. Whether she’s flower crowning it with Kim Kardashian or showing off an outfit she styled, North is stealing everyone’s Snapchat thunder.

  • Hailey Baldwin

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    Hailey Baldwin, 19-year-old daughter of Stephen Baldwin, runs in the same circle as Kylie Jenner. Hailey came to public attention this year for those Justin Bieber dating rumors and also landed one of the covers of Marie Claire’s “Fresh Faces” issues in May.

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