Glorious Times Your Faves Were Cancelled Because Someone Pulled the Receipts on Them

*Cancelled until further notice*

In a time when tweets aren’t ever really deleted and pretty much everything you do can be uploaded to The Cloud, it’s important to be able to back yourself up—like, on a hard drive, yes, but also metaphorically speaking.

Technology has made it nearly impossible to tell a lie. It’s hard to form an alternative story when Snapchat geofilters, Twitter timestamps and recorded phone calls can easily disprove it and frankly, getting caught in a web of lies has become that much worse because of the inability to deny technology’s accuracy. And yet, many will try.

The following celebrities got cancelled after being hit with the receipts, whether they came in the form of voicemails, text messages or… a marriage license? Check out these glorious times celebrities pulled out the receipts on each other, thus cancelling the other and serving receipt realness.

  • Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

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    Kim Kardashian blew the lid off of Taylor Swift’s victim image when she Snapchatted part of the phone conversation Kanye and Tay had regarding the lyrics to his song “Famous.” The phone conversation seemingly disproved any notion that Taylor was as in the dark about the song as she had previously let on, cancelling Swifties’ fave until further notice.

  • Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

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    Those watching Melania Trump’s speech from the 2016 Republican National Convention noticed that bits of it were almost identical to one Michelle Obama gave in 2008. Twitter came armed with receipts, prompting Trump’s speechwriter to fully realize her cancellation and take responsibility for the blunder.

  • Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace

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    Love & Hip Hop’s Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace confronted one another about their respective, ahem, situations with Peter Gunz in Season 4. Tara wanted Amina to prove to her that Peter loves her, and Amina came ready with the receipt: her marriage license.

  • Blac Chyna and Tyga

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    Before Kyga was official (and Kylie Jenner was still 17), Blac Chyna pulled out the alleged receipts to prove Tyga was trying to win her back. Chyna Instagrammed text messages she allegedly received from Tyga, who she apparently had in her phone as “Kings Father,” that said he wanted “to be a family again.” Tyga seemingly shook off Chyna’s post, tweeting that he wasn’t here for “the tea,” and though the receipts remain unconfirmed, they caused many who were shipping Kyga to second guess T-Raww’s motives.

  • 50 Cent and Young Buck

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    50 Cent put Young Buck on blast back in June of ’08 when he released a taped phone conversation he and Young Buck had had. Buck was trying to win his way back into G-Unit, but 50 wasn’t having it. Buck released a dis track about the occurrence, but was ultimately cancelled, as it phased 50’s career none.

  • Raven-Symoné and Kendall Jenner

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    Raven-Symoné claimed on The View to have been “slapped upside the chest, twice” when an interview she was doing with StarShop got cut short in favor of one with Kendall Jenner. The incident happened at the Zoolander 2 premiere. Footage of Raven’s interview leaked shortly thereafter and when it did, it became clear that things didn’t go down the way Raven had described. The receipts leaked in video form, and Raven’s dramatic tale became one of complete cancellation.

  • Eminem and Mariah Carey

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    While touring in 2005, Eminem reportedly played voicemails he allegedly received from Mariah Carey. The messages were supposedly from 2001, and allegedly featured Mariah saying, “I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife. Why won’t you see me? Why won’t you call me?” Eminem’s apparent leakage of his voicemail receipts pissed Mariah off, further complicating their relationship.

  • Jay Z and Marina Abramović

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    After collaborating with Jay Z on his “Picasso Baby” video in 2013, Marina Abramović said that the collaboration had been a “one-way transaction.” Abramović had agreed to collab with Jay on the condition that he help her build her Marina Abramović Institute, but hadn’t been told that he had made a donation to help her realize her goals. In short, Abramović wanted to see the donation receipts, and Jay Z was more than ready to show her. The Marina Abramović eventually issued an apology for failing to inform Abramović of Jay Z’s donation.

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