Doing The Most: 8 Musicians Who Need To Stop Trying So Hard

Do less, please.

Do you have that one friend or coworker who you’d characterize as doing the most? You know who we’re talking about. The random person who can’t stop posting about their life on Instagram, does crazy things for attention, and is generally just annoying AF? Well, there are a few musicians who are like this on a much larger scale. Whether it’s popping up at random awards shows, audience pandering, or kissing Drake, these eight artists are trying way too hard. And we’d appreciate it if they toned it down just a bit.

  1. Madonna

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    Oh, Madonna. What are you doing? From weird and slightly offensive Instagram posts to bathroom selfies and kissing rappers at music festivals (see the Drake action above), Madonna has been in crazy publicity stunt overdrive since her 12th studio album Rebel Heart dropped in March. And what’s ironic is that she doesn’t have to do these wild antics for attention. Bitch, she’s Madonna.

  2. Pitbull

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    We think the world is in agreement on this one. The man has released, like, 20 singles in the past two years alone. And they all sound exactly the same. If we hear “Mr. Worldwide” on one more vacant party banger…we’ll roll our eyes and then begrudgingly dance.

  3. Jennifer Lopez

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    What was Jennifer Lopez doing at the Golden Globes? What was Jennifer Lopez doing at the Oscars? What was Jennifer Lopez doing at the Tony Awards? Sensing a pattern here? We love J.Lo and her music, but her random appearances at awards shows are starting to get a little too, “LOOK AT ME!” Sometimes it’s okay to sit things out, bb.

  4. Rita Ora

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    Jezebel addressed it last year with this poignant headline: “Rita Ora Is Still Trying.” And, well, we have to agree. She’s been trying since 2009 to make it big in American music, but something just isn’t clicking. (Even appearing on the mega smash “Black Widow” with Iggy Azalea didn’t help, and that’s saying something.) There was also that one time last year Rita tweeted she’d release new music if she got 100,000 retweets… but was only able to score around 2,000. (She then claimed she was hacked, but we’re calling B.S. on that one.) It’s time for her to realize a big U.S. music career just might not be in the stars. But, hey, she can prove us wrong!

  5. Nick Jonas

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    Last fall, Nick received criticism for baiting gay audiences with shirtless appearances at nightclubs to promote his music. (He denied any such pandering, but Adam Lambert seemed to think differently.) His intentions might be good, but we are getting a little tired of Nick flashing his abs to push his tunes. We get it, dude: You’re hot. But can’t you just stick to the music?

  6. David Guetta

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    Just like Pitbull, David is suffering from overexposure. Everybody wants this DJ on their records, which makes him both a commodity and a nuisance. Especially because his beats can sound repetitive and exhausting. (But they sell like hotcakes, so who knows?) We would just appreciate a little break from D’s pounding synths. Is that too much to ask?

  7. Iggy Azalea

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    OK, so she might actually be doing the least now. (She canceled her Pittsburgh Pride event, her tour, and scrapped early work on her next album.) She spent nearly a year being supersaturated by the media thanks to her hit “Fancy” (feat. Charli XCX) and rapping on Ariana Grande’s song “Problem.” All of this came with accusations of disrespecting the rap genre and racial appropriation, but Iggy didn’t really do much to help her case. Now, it seems like she might be taking some time to focus on who she really is. This is good for both her and us, if we’re being totally honest. Her opening line “It’s Iggy Iggs” on her recent song with Britney Spears, “Pretty Girls,” was like hearing nails on a chalkboard.