In 10 Years, Kim Kardashian Just Wants to Be Tan as Hell

Oh, and she also wants Kourtney to stop having babies.

“Am I still on fleek?” Kim Kardashian wonders in a new video by Glamour magazine, where the reality star writes a letter to her future self (circa 2025). And we certainly hope that she is.

The hilarious video accompanies Kim’s recent Glamour cover, and in it she muses on everything from Kourtney’s penchant for procreating — “I hope [she] is maybe done having babies” — to Kylie just doing whatever the F she wants.

But the most important wish Kim has for the future is a “mysterious and delicious green juice” to keep her tan for all of eternity. One-hundred percent iconic.

Check out the video below, and let us know in the comments where you hope Kim and the gang are in 10 years.

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