Donald Trump Signed a Copy of Time Magazine for Kanye West So You Know It’s Real

The bromance continues to grow.

The world is still in awe over the sudden bromance between Kanye West and Donald Trump. As the Internet gives their opinion on their new “friendship,” the two celebs just solidified their relationship with one single tweet. Early Wednesday (12/14), Ye took too to Twitter to post a signed copy of Trump’s “Person of the Year” Time cover with a personal message from the president-elect saying, “To Kanye, you are a great friend. Thanks, Donald Trump.”

Hate it or love it, their friendship seems to be getting very real. The two first started making headlines when Kanye told fans at a Life of Pablo tour stop that he would’ve voted for Trump, if he would’ve voted. The Donald responded the very next day during a campaign rally revealing that he actually loves Kanye. Fast forward to yesterday, the two met up to reportedly discuss “multicultural issues” and an entrepreneurial leadership role for Ye. I guess we can expect a Yeezus appearance at the 2017 inauguration, no? Only time will tell what’s in-store for this new controversial relationship in the near future.