Mendeecees Says He Never Dated Erika After She Makes Severe Allegations Towards Yandy

This is getting messy.

Erika made it known from day one that the second she joined Love & Hip Hop she would let everyone know who Yandy Smith is and last night (12/20) proved she is true to her word but her baby daddy Mendeecees ain’t having it. In what originally started as a battle to keep the kids together, it’s beginning to look more like, “Who was messing with whom? And when?”

On the most recent episode, Yandy changed the locks on an apartment that’s allegedly jointly leased by Erika and Mendeeces simply because, she can. However, according to Erika, Yandy can’t.

The mother to Mendeecee’s second child Aasim, took to Instagram to expose what she knows to be the truth behind Yandy’s marriage, the apartment, and this whole situation overall.
In a lengthy caption Erika wrote:

This is why my child can’t be around. The Phoniness, lies and jealousy. I played nice long enough. This is what happens when a miserable, desperate, pathological liar who lives in a dirty Bronx apartment with a revolving door for every man in the tristate to cum in and out of gets mad because her alleged “husband” moves his clothes & belongings out of her apartment and back into his because the cameras are turning off as he’s turning himself in and never trusted her from the gate. When you’re so pressed about the ex woman not being bitter and being able to co-parent peacefully and still get along with her child’s father & NEVER WANT OR NEED CHILD SUPPORT. What kind of “good woman” would use the kids own family to co-sign their lies but before the show you couldn’t stand them? ? You do it for cameras, I do it for my son. You never got the history, the house or the happiness so you’ll take the risk of doing damage to yourself by ILLEGALLY changing MY and my SON’S locks, which I’m still in! If it was in her name or he gave her the keys, why go through these extremes? Your time is up! And by the way: I NEVER KEPT MY SON AWAY, I’M THE KNE THAT ALWAYS INCLUDED ALL THE KIDS!

In an audio recording of Mendeecees sent to The Shade Room, Mendeecees claims he and Erika never had a relationship. Remember when Erika pulled out receipts in the form of an elegant flip-gram including pictures of her and Mendeecees together back in the day? Well he’s saying he was with Samantha during that time and even then Erika wasn’t the girlfriend. Press play.

Mendeecees goes on to wonder if Erika stole his passport saying she’s just doing all of this for a “come up.”

It seems like this whole thing is getting messier by the moment and something tells us this is just the beginning.

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