Cyn Santana’s Been Watching Black Ink Crew, Says Dutchess is a “Dusty A— B—h” For Bringing Up Sky’s Kids

"Y'all gotta stop attacking people with their own issues. Y'all don't know what they dealing with."

Cyn Santana is apparently a Black Ink Crew stan and recently had some words towards Dutchess regarding the shows latest episode.

The former Love & Hip Hop star took to Twitter to vocalize how disgusted she was by Dutchess’ comments about Sky’s kids. In a series of tweets Cyn basically says eff Dutchess or anyone who feels the need to bring up children in an argument. She said,

“Dutch a dusty ass b—h for talking bout Sky’s kids. F— HER AND ANYONE THAT BRINGS CHILDREN INTO A FIGHT”

“Whatever her f—-n name is Dutch dutches…what u kno bout how a mother feel about her kids????? Foh”

“Y’all gotta stop attacking people with their own issues. Y’all don’t know what they dealing with”

“If you don’t like someone cause you think their hair is ugly WTF DO THEY KIDS GOTTA DO WITH IT??? Leave them out of the nonsense!”

If you recall Dutchess basically said that Sky doesn’t know what love is and that reflects on Sky’s relationship with her kids. Throughout past seasons, Sky has struggled with her decision to give her two children up for adoption after having them at a young age.

Sky’s co-star Melody also had some things to say to Dutchess after the episode aired.

Watch Dutchess’ harsh comments towards Sky in the Black Ink Crew highlight below.

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