Remy Ma Reflects on Her Success on the Three Year Anniversary of Her Release From Prison

"I've been able to accomplish so much in the past 3 years; things that I was told would be impossible"

Remy Ma certainly has a lot to be thankful for with her many successes since she’s been home–Grammy nominations, winning best female rapper at the BET Awards, and putting on an epic Summer Jam performance— but August 1st is a day she will never forget.

Yesterday the Love & Hip Hop star paused to reflect on that date back in 2014 when she was granted early release for a gun charge. Surrounded by hundreds of letters of support from family, loved ones, and fans, Remy shared a photo with her mugshot on her shirt.
She wrote,

August 1, 2014
I will never forget that day;
The day God gave me a 2nd chance. I’ve been able to accomplish so much in the past 3 years; things that I was told would be impossible: from dream weddings and traveling everywhere with my husband & kids to platinum plaques, Grammy nods & best female awards and soooo much in between. But I will NEVER , EVER, forget and FOREVER cherish those fans that went out of there way to hand-write & snail-mail me letters while I was going through one of my toughest challenges in life. It was these letters that helped me keep faith in myself. I’ve been home 3 years and still can’t bear to separate from them; I saved every single, letter I ever received (Thousands?) I have boxes at my house, in storage, at my DJ house ( thank you for letting me use ya house as storage space??) It’s easy to send a text or email; but these people from all over the world sat down & took the time to write a letter, put it in an envelope, put postage on it, and go to a post office or mail box?? I thank u all from the bottom of my heart ?
I’m going to do something special for y’all ?#SevenWintersAndSixSummers #7W6S #RemyMa #RemyMafia

If you swipe to see the video, you’ll see that’s a lot of love. Congrats to you Remy for your continued success. It can only go all the way up from here!

In this Love & Hip Hop throwback, Remy talks about using her freedom to make sure everyone knows her name.

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