Despite Last Year’s Reunion Fight, Deb Antney Says She Still Wants To Work with Joseline!

But she thinks Mimi, Karlie, and even Kalenna need to get their ish together.

After the craziness that was the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season three reunion, Joseline burned some bridges with Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame, but it turns out that there’s still hope for a professional relationship with Deb Antney.

Antney, who has worked with the the likes of Nicki Minaj and her own son Waka, said she would jump at the chance to work with the Puerto Rican Princess.

“I like Joseline a lot, like honestly I really do. I really wish that things didn’t happen the way they happened because Joseline is the person that I really truly wanted to work with.” Still, Antney realizes the tension caused due to the situation at the reunion. “I can’t let her hurt my daughter-in-law. That I couldn’t allow to happen. It wasn’t the fact of that, it was the fact that you had to look at her in her eye she was like another person.” And who else would Antney work with? Margeaux. “[S]he’s a female that’s got a lot going on for herself, she knows her direction and knows exactly where she’s going also.”

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