Your Fave Celeb Couples Are Here to Show You What Love Looks Like (And How to Have an Amazing Summer Vacation)

Okay, so love exists. Maybe it's just on vacation with these celebs.

By: Andrea Wurzburger

We may have jumped the gun a little when we told you that love is dead as a result of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ separation. Is it devastating to see one of Hollywood’s favorite couples call it quits after eight years of making us swoon and call them #relationshipgoals? Yes, it is entirely devastating and it’ll take a little while for us to get over it, but we need to be strong. We need to remember that, in this tough time in the history of Hollywood romance, there are still couples out there who will make you believe in love. Better yet, they’ll do it while they’re on vacation. That’s just how hard working they are.

Now go get yourself a margarita and pretend like 2017 hasn’t been the death of every celeb couple you’ve ever loved. You deserve it.

And the beach isn’t just a place to relax on vacation. Watch Hazel and Malaysia get into some friendly competition while working out on the beach in Miami.

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