Hazel E’s Boo Rose Burgandy Calls Tammy Rivera “Fat” On Instagram So Tammy Just Unloaded All The Dirt She Has On Hazel

When comment creepin goes wrong...

History has proven time and time again that Tammy Rivera is not the one to come for on social media. Yet and still, people keep trying their luck. Most recently, it was Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newcomer Rose Burgandy.

A Love & Hip Hop fan page posted one of Tammy’s many stunning New York Fashion Week looks. In a sea of mostly positive comments agreeing that Tammy looked the bomb dot com, Mr. Burgandy happened to disagree. “Looks fat,” he wrote next to a crying laughing emoji. Because there are peeping eyes all over social media, comments like that don’t just fly under the radar. So it didn’t take long for Baller Alert to put his comment on blast, pettily tagging Tammy and Waka to make sure they were in the loop.

In usual Tammy fashion, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star let “Miss Thing” have it while kindly reminding him that her husband Waka Flocka doesn’t play. “You might want to stay in a n-ggas place cuz this ain’t what you want!” she replied.
Rose’s comment then opened up a can of worms, exposing beef Tammy and Hazel E had from way back when. Accordingly to Tammy, Hazel tried to shoot her shot with Waka after the rapper simply reached out asking for her ex Katt Williams’s phone number. Allegedly, Hazel has been in her feelings ever since getting curved. Hazel, on the other hand, says she will not apologize on behalf of her Rose because apparently Tammy has been on Instagram shading their relationship.

We can’t help but SMH when we realize this all could have been avoided by keeping our comments to ourselves.

In this bonus clip, Hazel-E tells Nikki and Alexis about her new man Rose Burgandy. Is this love or…?

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