Poll: Is Bridget Kelly a Shady Friend To Brooke for Going to Catalina with Booby?

Can someone please explain girl code and friendships to the ladies in Hollywood so we can all be on the same page? K, thanks.

Friendships are complicated, especially on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and no friendship is more confusing than the one between Bridget Kelly and Brooke (well except for Zell’s friendships with everyone).

Seriously, are Brooke and Bridget even friends?
There’s evidence that points to them being actual friends: they go to events together, update each other on their relationships and hell, they even read Hazel-E together. But lately some shady sh-t has gone down that has us rechecking the receipts of this friendship.

1. Bridget spilled all the tea about the Brooke-Booby saga to Marcus and essentially threw Brooke under the bus.
2. Bridget hopped on the track that Marcus made for Brooke. To be fair, Bridget didn’t know Brooke had already recorded it, but she did say she didn’t want Brooke to know about her working with Marcus.
3. Bridget went to Catalina with Booby in what was clearly a romantic getaway.

We were all shocked to see Bridget roll up, bag in hand, to meet Booby and head off to Catalina together. It’s completely possible that Brooke didn’t know she was going a trip that Booby arranged with Brooke in mind. Even though that scenario would make Booby the shady one, Bridget did know that there was something between Booby and Brooke and still went on this trip anyway. What do you think?

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