Amy Schumer Describes How Men Look in the Mirror and It’s Giving Us Major James R Vibes

Don't try to tell me that you don't see the resemblance!

Amy Schumer prides herself on representing the average woman in Hollywood, often cracking jokes at her own expense to show women everywhere that they’re not alone.

Her latest film, I Feel Pretty is about a woman who falls off her bike at Soul Cycle (where else?) and, even though she looks exactly the same, she thinks she is a supermodel. It’s all about self-esteem, confidence, and the way that we look at ourselves. It looks really effing funny.

When Schumer stopped by The Ellen Show, she explained that part of the reason she loved making the movie is that she often found herself wishing that she had “male confidence.”

“You can really see it with the way they look in the mirror. They have a mirror face. Any guy I’ve ever dated, they’re like normal, sweet guys and then they look in the mirror. And it’s like…”

And Amy just wants to know where these guys get their confidence.

Because women have an entirely different type of mirror face. Amy explains hers is more like…

You’ve got to admit that her observation is spot on. In fact, it’s a little eerie how much her male mirror face reminds us of a certain someone from Love & Hip Hop. We’ll give you a hint. He loves to the sound of his own name…

Not seeing it? Look at Amy…

Now, look at James R. You just know this man makes that face in the mirror. I mean, he makes it pretty much all of the time.





Did you think that last GIF was the same as the one above? Well, no. Same expression, different scene. There you have it! James R has a permanent mirror face.

Are you shocked? This is the same guy who speaks in the third person and says his own name more than anyone I’ve ever seen or met.

Watch the whole segment here:

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