Rich Dollaz Shuts Down Stacey Dash’s Political Dreams With One Tweet

Now this was one Twitter beef we didn't see coming.

By Jasmine Washington

Love & Hip Hop star Rich Dollaz took to Twitter laughing off actor-turned-political news commentator, Stacey Dash’s plans to run for congress.

The former Fox news correspondent revealed that online supporters fueled her desire to run for office.

Bringing up Dash’s role in the 90’s classic Clueless as proof of why she wouldn’t be a successful politician, Richie D wrote, “You’re as dumb as the chick u played n “Clueless” ohh my bad that’s why that’s the only movie u booked because thats who you really are.”

Never one to let shade go unnoticed, Dash quickly replied with a little diss of her own.

Over the last few years, Stacey Dash has gained notoriety for her outlandish commentary on transgender rights, Prince and Black History Month. Her unpopular opinions led to an online celebration after she was let go from FOX News shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Watch what happens after the truth about Rich Dollaz affair with Anais hits the fan.

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