Okay, OJ Simpson’s Lost Confession Special Has Taken a Turn for the Creepy

You'll have chills just from listening to the promo.

It has been 25 years since OJ Simpson was put on trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of the Kardashians (whose patriarch Robert Kardashian was OJ’s attorney,) we’ve seen countless television specials surrounding the case, and OJ even got a book deal or two out of it. Essentially, we can’t leave this case alone.

Maybe that’s because, after walking free from the murder trial, OJ penned a book in 2006 entitled, If I Did It, a hypothetical account of how the murders would have gone down if OJ, again “hypothetically,” was the murderer.

Now that you’ve got enough general background information, here’s the tea: OJ gave an interview in 2006, which was not aired out of respect for the Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman’s families. In the interview, it is alleged that Simpson essentially confesses to the crime. But the interview was lost–we simply never got to see it. Now, over a decade later, it’s time for us to see The Lost Confession and y’all…it’s already creepy AF even though it hasn’t aired yet.

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