Love & Hip Hop Bonus: Tony Brings Kalenna To Tears Before Finally Apologizing To Her

"We need to go seek professional help...we, not you."

Kalenna has had one of the roughest, but most triumphant story arcs in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta history. After having another baby, she developed marital issues with Tony surrounding his role as her husbandger. Then drama began with (in this order) Deb Antney, Tammy Rivera, and Rasheeda.

After Tony tried to force a Rasheeda-Kalenna apology over dinner, it was really about time for an apology. In this clip that didn’t make the episode, we see Tony tearfully regret the way he treated Kalenna and admit that it’s time for them both to seek professional help.

See the next chapter in Tony and Kalenna’s life on Mondays episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta at 8/7c!

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