Vin Diesel Shares Precious Pic of Baby Pauline, Meaning You Haven’t Really Been Living Until Now

I just. I can't.

It’s been about five minutes since Vin Diesel did something adorable to make you cry on the spot and/or wonder what you’re doing with your life. Well, time’s up, and just when your heart was on the mend, it’s about to explode again. Since welcoming his daughter Pauline in March, who, as you know, is named after the late Paul Walker, this DILF has shared incredible pics of his baby that could transform any icy heart to rainbows. But we were not prepared for the one he shared yesterday. Oh, no, we were not. You thought you knew what life was about until this moment.

Are you trying to kill us slowly, Vin? Are you? Because I think you’ve succeeded.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.