Be It Sad Or Happy, A New Drake Song Is Coming Soon

Start preparing for Grammy Night right this very minute; it’s going to be a marathon. According to Billboard, Drake will drop “Started From the Bottom,” the first single from his upcoming third album, on Sunday, February 10. While he’s far from disappeared since wrapping up promotion for 2011’s Take Care, his name has spent a lot of time on the right side of the “featuring” credit lately. He’s also put a number of hours in at strip clubs and pool party videos, so we have to ask: Will the new material come from Sad Drake or Happy Drake?

It’s been roughly 14 months since the release of Take Care, an album marked by its honest take on love, fame and all the insecurities and regret in between, featuring the drunk dial anthem, “Marvin’s Room,” that was covered by everyone from JoJo (#AdderallandRed Bull) to Conor Maynard.

Sad Drake.

While his musical vulnerability has created one too many emo jokes at the rapper’s expense, his most recent feature credits happen to be on some of the crunkest tracks of the last 12 months (“Pop That,” “No Lie,” “F–kin Problem“) not to mention, he’s had a very strong impact on lifestyle mantras.

Happy Drake!

With the loss of his grandmother in November and some territorial squabbles over Rihanna and “YOLO,” there seems to be lots of inspiration for more of the sad stuff this time around… and we would not at all be disappointed if that were the case. Like Taylor Swift, that boy has FEELINGS. Also worth thinking about: Was Spinner privy to a first listen during their Degrassi reunion? Maybe!

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