The Complete List Of Songs From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season One

During the most dramatic or emotional scenes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta there’s a song that serves as the soundtrack specific to that situation. Joseline’s pregnancy test debacle was matched with Trey Songz’s “Heart Attack.” Mimi drove over Stevie J’s boxed clothes to Labyrinth’s “Earthquake.” Not only are the songs perfect for what’s going on in each scene, the featured tracks have also put viewers on to artists they may not have been familiar with. We can’t count the number of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta brought me here” comments on the YouTube videos of the songs featured. For your listening pleasure we’ve compiled a list of all the songs featured in season one of LHHATL right here in one place. Thank us later.

“Party Life”–  Jenny Bapst

Before the drama broke out K.Michelle just wanted to party with her girls. Before that was rudely interrupted you heard an upbeat techno dance tune. It’s catchy and suitable for a dance club where girls walk around with glow sticks.

“Heart Attack”Trey Songz

You may remember this song playing during one of the most talked about moments in reality TV. Joseline finding out she was pregnant by Stevie J nearly gave us a heart attack. Fitting song.

“So Hard To Breathe” –  B.o.B

Joseline needed a shoulder to cry on about her unexpected pregnancy.


“Maybe”Emeli Sande

Erica turns up the romance with some lingerie and candles for Scrappy. Emeli’s sultry voice could get just about anybody in the mood.

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