Band Reunions That Shocked Everyone Way Before OutKast Got Back Together

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  • beachboys

  • nsync

  • fleetwood

  • rage

  • simongarfunkel

  • spinaltap

  • pavement

  • pinkfloyd

With SXSW kicking off this week, it officially marks the beginning of music festival season. In 2014, that naturally makes us think about one legendary duo from Atlanta, because after several years of hiatus, OutKast has reunited to take over the circuit, starting with next month’s Coachella.

The hip-hop icons are the talk of the music scene right now, but they’re also employing a tactic that many acts resort to after they’ve been out of the spotlight for a while. Sometimes band reunions are lame, but sometimes they’re awesome, and we’re willing to bet that OutKast falls into the latter category once they hit the stage again. Quality of the reunion aside, it’s often the unexpected element that counts for just as much. With that said, these are the┬áBand Reunions That Shocked Everyone Way Before Outkast Got Back Together.

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