This Week on VH1: Nick Jonas Gets Hot, Hilary Duff Makes a Comeback and More

This week was all about comebacks and controversy. Nick Jonas is flying solo and looking all grown up, Hilary Duff is back to take over music, Jay Z and Beyonce may or may not be in martial hot water and more.

  • We narrowed down the exact moment when Nick Jonas became hot. [VH1]
  • We reviewed The Floacist’s concert at SOBs. [VH1]
  • SoundClash premiered on VH1 and Palladia with brilliant performances from Fall Out Boy, T.I., and London Grammar. [VH1]
  • We captured the most hilarious amazon comments on classic rock albums. [VH1]
  • We gave you important reasons why Jay Z would never cheat on Beyoncé. [VH1]
  • We ranked the top 10 most naked music videos. [VH1]
  • We shared exciting news that Hilary Duff is going to drop an album in the fall. [VH1]
  • We reviewed J. Cole’s Dollar and a Dream tour. [VH1]
  • We ranked the 10 lamest classic rock album covers of all time. [VH1]

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