Catch Up On This Week, Perhaps The Best Ever, With GIFs

Happy Friday! Time for the GIFs that might trigger your epilepsy but will ALSO tell you what happened this week. Will you take the risk? It’s up to you…

Confused? Here’s a key:1. On this week’s Parks & Recreation, Leslie Knope tied the knot with Ben Wyatt. It was adorable. [GIF via] 2. A sea otter dunked his way into our hearts. [GIF via] 3. Leonardo DiCaprio drank some bourbon in Asia…through a snowball? Whatever. [GIF via] 4. This weekend is THE OSCARS and, much like ’re ready to e Hathaway. [GIF via] 5. Beyoncé’s documentary premiered on HBO and Oprah interviewed her beforehand. The star of the night, however, was Blue Ivy. [GIF via] 6. My Strange Addictionjust got stranger. [GIF via + via]

It’s Friday so set your DVRs and we’ll see who is having the Best Week Ever.