The Biggest Gossip Stories Of 2013

It’s been a big year for gossip. Tabloids killed thanks to all the headlines generated by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. Whether good or bad all these celebrities kept us buzzing around the water cooler (or at least the digital cooler known as Twitter). On the last episode of 2013, The Gossip Table rounds up the biggest, most gossipy stories of the year. And trust us, there was a lot to choose from.

Miley Cyrus Wrecks Videos for Everyone

In 2013, Miley Cyrus came in like a “wrecking ball.” She smashed records, topped charts, twerked on Robin Thicke and made every parent squirm. But it was her working relationship with photographer Terry Richardson. Not only did he take a number of scandalous photos of the singer but also directed her now-infamous music video, which featured her riding a cannonball licking hammers and chains. If there was one artist who owned 2013 it was Miley, at least until…

Beyonce’s Big Surprise 

With just weeks left in 2013, Beyonce managed to pull the rug out from underneath everyone with her surprise visual album. Lady Gaga’s stunts, Katy Perry’s ringside hype and Miley Cyrus’ twerk-dom had nothing on Mrs. Carter. Suddenly everyone was scrapping their year-end lists in favor of Bey’s near-masterpiece. And then there’s all the rumors, stories, interviews and news bits about how she kept what felt like the world’s biggest secret.

Justin Bieber’s Sexploits

Another singer that grabbed headlines this year was Justin Bieber. However, the news never had anything to do with his singing or music. It was all about his exploits overseas as he embarked on his world tour. There was his ride up the Great Wall of China, spray painting of buildings in Australia and the brothels in Brazil. One of the most shocking photos snapped was that of Biebz covered in a sheet exiting one of Brazil’s most popular brothels. Did he really think no one would notice him checking in for a night of fun?

The World’s New Prince

If there’s one person who grabbed more headlines before he was even born it was Prince George of Cambridge. As soon as it was announced that Kate Middleton was pregnant with the royals’ next generation, the world was hooked on knowing every detail as it happened. Then the day of the birth was a feeding frenzy of live news coverage, social media updates and internet memes. When the world’s most powerful baby was born, the world rejoiced much like it did in The Lion King.

Lindsay Lohan’s Big Sit Down with Oprah

Not everyone had a good 2013. Lindsay Lohan spent the better part of hers in court-mandated rehab in order to stay out of jail and to get her life back in order. Prior to the release from rehab, the OWN Network secured Lilo’s first interview. The sit down with Oprah was pegged as a media event that would (hopefully) reveal the secret life of Lindsay’s chaotic life and represent her return to mainstream stardom. What ultimately came out of it was a lot of hype, Oprah seemingly taking full control over Lilo’s life and yet-be-seen docu-reality series about her recovery. Let’s just hope 2014 doesn’t involve another comeback.

All Things Kardashian & The Year of the Splits 

It seems that every year there’s another Kardashian scandal. This year, it had nothing to do with Kim. (Yes, we all tracked every moment of her pregnancy and the birth of Baby North.) It was the patriarch that led the charge in the news. Not only was her show a disaster but so was her marriage to Bruce Jenner. The two announced their split and the news was followed by rumors of Bruce getting a sex change. Then just before the end of the year, Khloe filed for divorce from her troubled husband, Lamar Odom. Mover over Kimye, the other Kardashians are back for all the ratings.