This Photo Of Tom Hiddleston Holding A Sock Monkey Is Everything You Need To See, Until The End Of Time

In the Marvel universe, Tom Hiddleston portrays the devilishly handsome Loki, the most mischievous supervillain the world has ever known. Tom has a penchant for pulling pranks in real life, too, and consistently seems like the best kind of movie star to have a beer with. He’s not afraid to get silly, which is why fans who flocked to the Toronto set of his upcoming film, Crimson Peak, gifted him with a sock monkey. And what happened next is definitely going to make your day.

Does Hiddleston have a pre-esxisting relationship with a sock animals? Who cares! Anything that gets him to smile like that is fine with us. But what about the rumors that he’ll soon be seen on Sherlock opposite Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch? Ask the monkey.

[Photo Credit: Splash News]