VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle and Marrying The Game Return

This week marked the return of two of our favorite rappers and fathers — T.I. and The Game. In the music industry we see these men as rugged, tough rappers but on VH1 we see them as relaxed and fun-loving family men. On T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, T.I. coached his son, Messiah, through his first date while on Marrying The Game, The Game’s house turned into the ultimate playground as he spent time with his two children, Cali and Justice.

On La La’s Full Court Life, we saw Dice transform into Candice while Joseline dissed Mimi’s boob job on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season two reunion. From family time to fierceness, VH1’s prime time line-up was full of surprises. But which show still has you buzzing? Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Messiah Makes His Move

When Messiah turns 13, T.I. and Tiny decide that if Messiah’s ready, he can start dating. Messiah goes on a date to Medieval Time…but not without his entire family tagging along for the ride! Throughout the date, everyone is encouraging him to make a move (especially T.I. with his magic “arm stretch”). Right as the evening is coming to a close, Messiah finally makes his move and puts his arm around his date’s shoulder. We can definitely see where Messiah gets his swag from.

Marrying The Game: The Game Runs Daddy Daycare

We’ve always known The Game as the rugged rapper, but it’s heartwarming to see him as Jayceon, the father. Although things are still rocky between him and Tiffney, we loved seeing The Game run his own “Daddy Daycare” with Cali and Justice. With his house as their playground, The Game and his kids always have a fun time together. I think we may see a front runner for “Father Of The Year”!

Hollywood Exes: Is Drea Getting Too Old To Keep Dancing?

When we watched Drea injure her foot last season, we winced as she endured the terrible pain. Now that she is back on her feet, that same injury continues to cause her trouble while dancing. Upset that may not be able to dance like she used to, Drea calls Mayte for support. It was difficult to watch Drea land on her foot but it’s even harder to watch her realize that she may be too old to keep dancing. Hopefully Drea will be as young in her body as she is in her spirit!

La La’s Full Court Life: Meet Candice

We’ve always known Dice as La La’s laid-back and relaxed cousin, so when La La and Po challenged her to become the ultra-feminine, dolled up Candice, we were excited to see the transformation! With a little help from La La’s glam squad, Dice became Candice and we were truly amazed by how beautiful she looked! Whether she decides to dress it up or dress it down, Dice can rock any look!

Love & Hip Hip Atlanta Season 2 Reunion (Part One): Joseline Disses Mimi’s Boob Job!

From the very beginning, there has always been tension between Mimi and Joseline because of Stevie J. Over the course of time, Mimi (supposedly) has moved on from Stevie J and no longer wants to be with him but Joseline doesn’t believe her. Still thinking that Mimi is upset that Joseline stole her man, Joseline accuses Mimi of getting breast implants to be like the Puerto Rican Princess. When that happens, sparks fly between Mimi and Joseline and things get physical!

Couples Therapy: Abbey Smashes The Scale

Throughout this process, Abbey has begun to stand up for herself in her relationship with Joe and now Dr. Jenn urges her to stand up to bulimia. During the expressive therapy exercise, Abbey smashes a scale as she shouts all the things bulimia has taken from her. This moment is really motivating and we’re really proud of Abbey and all the progress she has made.

Did you like Dice’s feminine transformation? Is Mimi jealous of Joseline’s relationship with Stevie J? Were you empowered by Abby smashing the scale? Share your thoughts and comments, below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?