VH1’s Weekly Wrap Up: Basketball Wives Returns and Couples Therapy Comes To A Dramatic Close

After a year-long wait, Basketball Wives Season 5 returned this week. In a drastic comparison to other seasons, the tone of the premiere episode was more solemn as it focused on Evelyn’s recovery from the altercation and subsequent breakup with her husband, Chad “Ochocino” Johnson. As a new season begins with drama, another series comes to a dramatic close. On the season finale of Couples Therapy, Joe and Abbey decide to leave the house after the fight with Heather and Dustin. Meanwhile the other couples focus on completing the process and reflecting on their journey.

Basketball Wives and Couples Therapy weren’t the only shows that showed an emotional side this week. On Hollywood Exes Drea opened up to Sheree about the guilt she had been feeling as a mother while on Marrying The Game Tiffney decided to return her engagement ring back to The Game, leaving us to question where their relationship now stands. This week VH1’s primetime line-up was an emotional rollercoaster, but which show still has you strapped in? Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Basketball Wives: Should Evelyn Give Chad A Second Chance?

The majority of the season five premiere episode focused on Evelyn’s slow emotional recovery from the violent incident with Chad. While out to dinner with Shaunie, Tami, and Suzie, Evelyn opens up to the girls about what happened and how she is healing. In a surprising turn of events, Tami becomes very vocal about Evelyn giving her relationship with Chad another try. Tami tells Evelyn that every person deserves a second chance and that she and Chad need to work on their relationship together as a couple. Considering Tami’s strong independent personality, we were slightly surprised by her opinion.

Hollywood Exes: Should Drea Feel Guilty?

When Drea opens up to Sheree about feeling guilty for having her children all the time, she acknowledges that she is not trying to keep the kids away from her ex. During a tearful and emotional conversation, Sheree consoles Drea as she tries to figure out the best situation for herself, her ex, and her children. Whenever a couple is divorced with children we know it can be tough and while watching, our hearts went out to Drea.

La La’s Full Court Life: La La and Dice Work Out With The Game

When La La and Dice decide to complete in a pound-for-pound weight loss challenge, they join The Game in his daily workout session. La La and Dice run at Runyon Canyon with The Game as part of his “60 Days Of Fitness” challenge. Remember his drastic physical transformation? Yeah, we want to work out with The Game too.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: King Performs With The Tams

King is definitely one of the more rambunctious Harris children and we definitely see why he would be a great addition to his grandfather’s music group, The Tams. When Tiny and her brother, Red, invite King to become a member, he takes on the challenge with excitement. After lots of rehearsal, King and his cousins perform with The Tams in front of a large outdoor audience. The concert is a huge success and we know that Tiny’s father would be proud.

Marrying The Game: Tiffney Returns Her Engagement Ring To The Game

Last week’s episode ended with Tiffney and The Game trying to figure out the status of their relationship. When they meet again this week to discuss how they are moving forward, the conversation brings Tiffney to tears. Tiffney decides to give her engagement ring back to Jayceon until they get back to a place of love and happiness. Now that she has returned her engagement ring, one thing is clear – this couple is no longer engaged to be married. But are they still together?

Couples Therapy: The Couples Thank Dr. Jenn

Although this episode started with the chaos of Joe and Abbey leaving, the therapy process continued as each of the couples prepared to leave therapy and take with them everything they had learned. During the last process group, each couple becomes extremely emotional as they reflect on their journey with their partner and share their experiences with Dr. Jenn. Although not all of the couples decided to stay together, it is clear that each individual learned something about themselves and this is a journey they will always remember.

Should Drea feel guilty? Should Evelyn give Chad a second chance? What is the status of Tiff and The Game’s relationship? Share your thoughts and comments, below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?

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