VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Hit The Floor Returns

VH1 returned to the Devils Arena for the summer with the much-anticipated rebound of Hit The Floor. The season two premiere episode brought new characters, new secrets, and a lot more heat! In addition to revealing Olivia’s shocking death (or should we say murder), we learn that Ahsha and Derek are still hooking up, but Ahsha wants to keep the relationship a secret.

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Scrappy’s birthday party goes south when Bambi and Erica P. engage in a physical brawl while on Hollywood Exes, all hell breaks loose at Drea’s birthday party when Tony and Brian goes head-to-head. Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

Hit The Floor: Will Ahsha End Things With Derek?

On the season finale of Hit The Floor we watched Derek and Ahsha give in to their sexual chemistry, which we had been witnessing all season. As the season two premiere episode opens we see Ahsha and Derek in bed together, clearly indicating that they are still hooking up. However, Ahsha is worried about this relationship putting her job at risk. When Ahsha goes over to Derek’s house to end their affair, she won’t allow herself to do it because of the strong feelings they both have for one another. We can’t wait to see where this relationship will lead…and who will find out about it along the way!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Bambi and Erica P. Get Physical

On last week’s episode we sadly watched as Bambi revealed to Scrappy that she suffered a miscarriage. In a strange turn of events, this situation helped to bring Momma Dee and Bambi closer together. On the other hand, it pushed Scrappy and Bambi apart when Bambi learns at Scrappy’s birthday party that Scrappy told Erica P. about her miscarriage. When Erica mentions the miscarriage to Bambi, all hell breaks loose as Bambi throws the first swing at her. In an instant, Scrappy’s birthday party turned into a smackdown.

Hollywood Exes: Drea and Brian Blow Up At Drea’s Party

What was meant to be a celebration of Drea’s 40th birthday quickly turned into a chaotic mess when Drea’s wedding becomes the heated topic of discussion. After Drea confronts the girls about not getting a pre-nup, she goes over to talk to Brian and Tony – who are in the midst of their own aggressive discussion. When words are exchanged, Brian’s anger goes through the roof as he throws glasses and attempts to get physical with Tony. Is this a sign that Drea shouldn’t marry Brian?

La La’s Full Court Life: La La Addresses Dice’s Problem With Justin

When Dice returns to New York to spend quality time with La La and Po, she is not happy that Justin and Po’s girlfriend, Aida, are joining them on their ski trip. After constantly brushing off Justin and not making any effort to get along with him, La La sits down with Dice to get to the bottom of her behavior. Dice finally opens up about what’s going on with her life and La La helps motivate Dice to get back on track.

Marrying The Game: The Game Wins The Paintball Challenge

In order to keep himself occupied while the kids are with Tiffney, The Game organizes a paintball game with the crew of Blood Money records. With The Game captain of one team, he states that each member of the losing team must get the letter “L” tattooed somewhere on their bodies. After an intense and challenging paintball tournament, The Game and his manager, Taydoe, lead their paintball team to victory!

Will Ahsha and Derek be able to keep their relationship a secret? Did Bambi overreact to Erica P.’s comment? Are Drea and Brian getting married too quickly?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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