VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Jessica Explains The Text Messages She Sent Shanna

During this past week, VH1 was all about getting down to business. On Hollywood Exes, the girls demand an explanation from Jessica about the text messages she sent Shanna. On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tammy calls out Joseline on throwing shade her way while on Hit The Floor, Chase is arrested for the murder of his wife, Olivia.

On La La’s Full Court Life, Aida meets Po’s mom for the first time while on Marrying The Game, The Game finds the engagement ring he gave Tiffney. Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

Hollywood Exes: Jessica Explains Her Text Messages

When Shanna revealed to Sheree and Mayte the shocking text messages that Jessica had sent her, we were in disbelief. In order to give Jessica the benefit of the doubt, Nicole, Mayte, and Sheree meet with Jessica in order for her to explain the text messages. After Jessica explains her feelings and frustrations behind what she said to Shanna, Sheree doesn’t fully believe her. As a result, Sheree goes in on Jessica and an argument erupts ending with Jessica flat-out shouting that “Black and white don’t mix! There, I said it!”. WHAT?!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Tammy and Joseline Go Head To Head

Before Tammy started spending time with Joseline, Mimi warned Tammy about Joseline’s backstabbing ways as a fake friend. While Tammy and Joseline were hanging out in Joseline’s closet, Tammy felt that Joseline was throwing her shade about not having an engagement ring. When Tammy meets with Joseline to call her out and express her feelings on the situation, things get heated and voices are raised. We can see both sides of the situation, but whose side do you agree with more?

Hit The Floor: Chase Gets Arrested For Olivia’s Murder

Last week on the season two premiere of Hit The Floor, we were shocked to learn that not only was Olivia dead, but she appeared to be murdered! Obviously, our first suspect is Oscar and as Sloane’s investigation on him continues, Olivia’s death only intensifies the situation. However, in the middle of Olivia’s funeral, Olivia’s husband, Chase, gets arrested for the murder. Did Chase actually kill his wife? If not, who did? And why? We are only two episodes in to this season and we are already on the edge of our seat begging for answers!

La La’s Full Court Life: Aida Meets Po’s Mom

Introducing your family to your significant other for the first time is a stressful and overwhelming experience for anyone. For Po, she is extremely nervous to have her mom’s approval of her girlfriend, Aida. When the three of them get together for the first time, Po is pleasantly surprised with how much Aida and her mom have in common and that Po’s mom likes her new girlfriend. We couldn’t be happier for them all!

Marrying The Game: The Game Closes A Chapter Of His Life

Before The Game embarks on a two-week tour in England, Lolo helps him pack up his stuff for the trip. While going through his jewelry, Lolo comes across the engagement ring The Game gave Tiffney. The Game holds the ring in his hand and looks back on it with fond memories as he realizes it’s time to officially close that chapter in his life.

Do you believe Jessica’s explanation for the text messages? Do you agree with Joseline or Tammy? Who do you think murdered Olivia?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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