You Don’t Get Why Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Are Together? Because It’s Pretty Obvious…

You heard it here first.

You thought the krazy Kardashian love web couldn’t get any more confusing, until it just did. Yes, kids, Blac Chyna is officially dating the older brother of her baby daddy’s newly-legal girlfriend. And the guy whose sister brawled with her BFF, Amber Rose. English translation: Blac and Rob Kardashian are a pair despite their seriously f—ed up social circle.

Naturally, the haters are gonna hate. It’s just been a few weeks since Rob was rushed to the hospital due to a diabetes scare, which is why people in his “inner circle” reportedly think Blac is moving in on him during a vulnerable time, with ultimate plans to sabotage Kylie (her baby daddy Tyga’s on-again-off-again bb) and possibly Khloe, who went in on Blac’s ride-or-die Amber last year. Khloe may be low-key shading the sitch on Twitter as we speak.

Still, the doubters can spew out whatever BS they’d like, but we think these two are just getting their life with each other. It’s clear as to why.

  1. Blac is Rob’s social media consultant.

    From telling an Instagram user he had sex with their mom (above), to comparing his sister Kim to a fictional sociopath, Rob doesn’t have the best etiquette practices when it comes to social media. Leave it to Blac to put exes on blast and start virtual wars with class, expertise and dignity.

BC + RK = 4ever.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.