Twitter Really Wanted to Talk About Marcus and A1 Dragging Hazel-E and Chanel West Coast on Last Night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Twitter is positive that there must be two LAs.

As per usual, there was a lot happening on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. From Moniece and Tiffany’s confrontation, to Keyshia Cole gettin’ herself set up on a blind date, to pretty much every confrontation Hazel-E went and got herself into this week. Last night’s episode was a lesson in reading your enemies with your wit and receipts rather than low blows and thrown drinks. Y’all’s Twitter thumbs must have been on fire.

Everyone has reached a general consensus that it is time for Brooke Valentine to go ahead and figure out her lil’ love triangle with Booby Gibson and Marcus Black.

I’m not one to drag family into it, but people had a lot to say about Hazel-E and her Mom.

Keyshia “always outta the drama” Cole got set up on a blind date and had a little talk with Booby.

And people are just discovering that Keyshia is there to do her thing and not get caught up in the drama.

Some people are still shipping a ship that has sailed, my friends:

And let’s not forget the ~*drama*~ with Tiffany and Moniece.

Last, but not least, there was a lot to say about the way that A1 and Marcus totally dragged Chanel West Coast and Hazel-E, but I’ll let Twitter do the talking:

And a little somethin’ for those who thought that Bridget had some quality one-liners for Hazel-E at Booby’s release party.

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Hazel-E, Chanel, A1 and Marcus rewatch Chanel’s attempt to collaborate with A1 and Marcus in the studio. Brooke and Bridget Kelly share their thoughts on what went down at Booby’s show case.

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