Twitter Showed Up With a Bag of Tweets Hazel-E Style After Watching Last Night’s Episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Forget diss tracks, Twitter doesn't need to be in the studio to throw all sorts of shade.

Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was, as per usual, full of drama, but this week things got real. We got a glimpse of that Chanel West Coast/Safaree collaboration with “New Bae,” Brooke finally made a damn decision between Booby and Marcus, Hazel-E showed up to confront Safaree with a bag of dildos. It was…a lot. Don’t believe me? Just ask Twitter. They had a lot to say:

Probably the best moment of the night (yes, better than dildos being thrown or Booby’s trip to Catalina) was when Lyrica said that she was going to get A1 to kick Misster Ray’s ass and A1 gave us this golden moment in television:

People are really tired of Hazel-E trying to claim that she runs LA or that it is her city. The proof is in the tweetin’:

And generally just startin’ up trouble:

When people thought Brooke was really going to go to Catalina with Booby:

But then they realized that reality was almost worse

When Bobby Brown showed up and this Twitter user made sure we were educated:

While everyone else was just really excited:

And bringing up the B2K reunion we didn’t know we needed.

If we don’t get one, I will revolt.

And who could forget the diss track heard ’round the world:

I can’t even lie, it’s catchy AF.

We can’t wait to see what happens next week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Tune in on Monday at 8/7C and be sure to tweet along using #LHHH, you could be featured in our next roundup!

We’ve seen your reactions to last night’s episode, but have you seen the cast react in this week’s ’Check Yourself’?

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