Our VH1 Faves Are Usually On Point But These Looks Had Some of Them Looking Cray in 2017

Beautifully tragic.

This year has been insane but not as crazy as how some of your faves looked on camera from time to time. No shade, no hate.

We often look to the stars of shows such as Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives to get some fashion inspo because most days out of the year, those ladies and gents deliver. There are times where the “crazy” look is intentional and others not so much. Well, they are human after all and sometimes are caught slippin’, even during prime time. While shooting these shows, we’re sure they thought they were on point as they usually are but the camera translated a different look. We’ve all been there (I mean, my front camera humbles me too) so this is a judgment free zone. Honeys, take a look at some of the craziest looks we’ve seen this past year.

  • Lyrica’s Season Four Reunion Outfit

    This outfit is super cute and compliments Lyrica’s hair and shape very nicely but one gust of wind and everyone seeing what A1 is working with!

  • Jaquae’s Bondom Hat


    While I understand Jaquae stood by this hat in the name of fashion, it’s a hard no for me. DJ Self and Rich Dollaz agree.

  • Jackie Christie’s Muzzle


    Jackie, seriously?

  • Cristen’s Biker Shorts

    Evelyn wasn’t feeling this look at all.

  • Bridget Kelly Taumbout Her Pums Being So Good

    Kerissa Kow

    James Shipp Jr. looked so hurt seeing his girlfriend laying on a bed in lingerie spraying singles out of a money gun positioned in her crotch. Lo siento James.

  • Self explanatory and hilarious.

  • Masika’s Feet

    Sis said that something in the car rubbed on her feet but still a look for the books. She may want to invest in some Jergens. though. Duttiness aside that heel is looking a bit rough.

  • Alaska’s Monumental Green Wig

    Alaska serves lewks honey but this wig was over the top! Way to get eliminated in style though.

  • A Hungover Charmaine

    Embedded from media.mtvnservices.com.

    This wasn’t a crazy look in the traditional sense, but it wasn’t a good look for Charmaine. She showed up to work after a long night of partying looking like who did it and ran. Baby what is you doin’?

  • Valentina and that Damning Face Mask

    Embedded from media.mtvnservices.com.

    Now while she looked absolutely beautiful, it was just crazy that Valentina would wear a mask during a lip. sync. battle. How can you win if Ru can’t even see your lips? Oye.

No worries folks. Those were minor slip ups. We all know how fuego they usually are.

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