Go Best Friend! Vote For The Love & Hip Hop Star Who Deserves to Win the “Good Sis” Mona Award

Who are you calling to have your back?

A good sis is one who warns when your track is showing, serves as your alibi when you need a break from your man, and lets you know when you need to fall back. Yes, that’s yo’ best friend, that’s yo best friend.

When it comes to loyalty, there are a few Love & Hip Hop cast members who are never shy in holding their friends down. As long as they have their homies’ back, all is right in the world, and in the 2018 Mona Awards, we have four solid contenders for Good Sis of the year.

For her ability to squash a potential beef and tell Bobby Lytes when he’s right and wrong, Miami Tip is up for a nomination. Jessica Dime is as well for defending Rasheeda Frost and earning the respect of all her peers. Mariahlynn almost got into it with Dreamdoll on behalf of Bianca Bonnie, and showed her mature side this season in New York. And JoJo Zarur has landed a nod for walking out on Amara La Negra slander.

VOTE below on who you feel is the good sis of the series before this poll closes on 3/30!

Winners will be announced starting on Monday, April 2.

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