The Fake Chris Brown Murdered The Fake Jay-Z (And Other Hilarious Dramatic Liberties Last Night’s Law & Order:SVU Took)

We could take or leave procedurals as a television genre, but resistance against the Ripped From The Headlines trope has proven to be futile for us as viewers. Even though we generally don’t think twice about tuning into an episode of Law & Order: SVU (or any show in the L&O family, for that matter), when news first broke last week that the show was taking a cue from the volatile relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna, we immediately went home and set our DVR.

(Before we get into this, let’s set aside the issue for the moment that it feels a bit morally askew to take delight in the silliness of a program that’s based on a hyperviolent, real-life event. We acknowledge that domestic abuse is no laughing matter but, that said, the liberties that SVU took with the “facts” of the Breezy/RiRi case certainly are.)

Now, in the SVU universe, the Fake Rihanna is Mycah Green, a 19-year-old pop singer who was first discovered by John “Brass” Blanken (someone modeled loosely on Jay-Z) after her beloved grandmother had sent him a home video of her singing. Mycah and her talented-yet-violent-prone boyfriend, Caleb Bryant (aka the Fake Chris Brown) are in the studio cutting a new duet called “Nobody’s Business” “You Can Count On Me.” It’s pretty terrible.

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