Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain Shake Up Red-Carpet Competition: Awards Season Style Points

We’ll be honest, when we came up with the idea for this awards season Style Points race, we were envisioning a graph with much smoother lines. But now we realize that wouldn’t be as much fun as the crazy ups and downs Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Eddie RedmayneAmanda Seyfried, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington have delivered,  in the eyes of our esteemed fashion panel. (Emma Stone has been a no-show lately; we may just drop her from the list!) This week, Yahoo! Entertainment New York bureau chief Breanne Heldman, Glamour’s online style editor Nikki Ogunnaike, and our own Ambika Muttoo and Sabrina Rojas Weiss evaluated the contestants’ Oscar nominee luncheon outfits (or, in the case of the non-nominees, outfits worn to other important events last week) and fell in love with Les Miz’s Redmayne all over again.

Eddie Redmayne,  London Evening Standard British Film Awards

Breanne: +4 “It’s not velvet, but I’m still really into this look. LOVE the pocket square, HATE the knit tie though.”
Nikki: +4 “My word, this man looks good in gray! Is it any surprise that it’s a Tom Ford suit? And let’s be honest here, am I the only one who is just a tad bit excited that it isn’t velvet?”
Ambika: +5 “LOVE everything about this Tom Ford suit from the color to to lapels to the textured tie to the pocket square to Eddie’s face. Everything.”
Sabrina: +3 “Nikki, you’re not alone. I was worried that Eddie was in a velvet rut, but this suit’s gorgeous woven texture proves that he’s just a guy who likes something a little more in his fabric. Also, I would like to pet him.”

Average score: +4

Jessica Chastain, Oscar nominee luncheon
Breanne: +4 “I’m usually not one for florals, but Jessica looks like a flawless fantasy. It’s sexy, yet demure, and easily one of my favorite dresses of the season so far.”
Nikki: + 3 “This Erdem dress is just about the most perfect thing anyone could wear to a luncheon. The simple silhouette allows the floral print to shine and looks marvelous with Jessica’s red hair. Well played!”
Ambika: 3.5 “Jessica does really well in this floral Erdem. I kind of want to rip those lace sleeves off but she does look lovely. I’m overlooking the nude pumps in this case because they are pointed and are Louboutins, which are the saving grace.”
Sabrina: +2 “The cut is almost dowdy, but I think perfect for a luncheon setting. And I really like the interplay of the blue flowers layered over pink. It makes me want to stare.”

Average score: +3.125

Amanda Seyfried
Breanne: +3 “Orange you glad Amanda wore this? After so many dresses with so much going on, it’s nice to see her in something a little bit simpler.
Nikki:: +2 “Generally speaking, when orange and black are paired together, I think Halloween, but for some reason that wasn’t my go-to when I saw Amanda in this Roland Mouret dress. Plus, I love when young stars rock bold colors on the red carpet.”
Ambika: +1.5 “No to this orange Roland Mouret. The length’s all wrong, and it looks horribly wrinkled. This is a badly thought-out outfit.”
Sabrina: +4 “I’m really excited by this color, for some reason — maybe just because it’s something we haven’t seen in a while. And the draping up top really works for Amanda. Too bad she was apparently snapped after sitting in the car for too long or something.”

Average score: +2.65

Kerry Washington, NAACP Image Awards
Breanne: +2 “I love the pastels and I love the shape of the skirt (but I wish it came a little higher in the front), but there’s still something that leaves me not quite settled about this look. Maybe it’s the mid-’90s top or the far too innocent hair.”
Nikki: +4 “Kerry looks like a pretty, pretty princess in this Oscar de la Renta gown. I’m not sure of many other celebrities who could pull off this tricky hemline and color combination, so props to Kerry for doing so with such ease.”
Ambika: +1 “This is a purely personal opinion because the world seems to adore this Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 gown. I don’t. I think it’s too precious and I don’t think she’s quite pulling off that skirt.”
Sabrina: +3 “When I first looked at this dress, I kind of hated it — its colors and neckline are so very Barbie-like! But the more I stare, the more I’m hypnotized by the elaborate texture, the stiffness of the skirt and its strange shape. Now I’m in love with its pretty weirdness.”

Average score: 2.5

Bradley Cooper, Oscar nominee luncheon
Breanne: -1 “No tie, brown shoes and a sleeked-back ’do — Bradley’s officially gone guido.”
Nikki: +2 “Am I blown out of the water? Not particularly, but Bradley’s gorgeous. Everyone knows that! I will say, though, that I wish he kept the scruffy beard. It takes the hot factor to a whole other level.”
Ambika: 3.5 “Can I ignore the hair? Yes, I can, because I really like this suit. Boyfriend looks good, and he knows it! I’m loving charcoal gray on him.”
Sabrina: +3 “I’m not typically a fan of chest hair and gel, but I like how this luncheon has given Bradley a chance to ditch the tux and loosen up. He’s very appropriately Pat Solitano here.”

Average score: +1.875

Anne Hathaway, Oscar nominee luncheon
Breanne: 0 “Sleek, yet totally boring. Before I fall asleep looking at this outfit every woman in an office already owns, let me say this: Anne, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. (And, yes, I just quoted Billy Madison.)”
Nikki: +1 “Anne looks great, per usual, but I think this LBD from The Row is a little too basic. I would have loved to see her spice up the over look with a chunky bangle or cocktail ring.”
Ambika: +2.5 “I like this dress by The Row. It’s simple and elegant, but it’s not blowing my head off.”
Sabrina: +1 “That one point is for being something I would wear to a luncheon … and then I could keep wearing it to a hundred other events because no one would ever remember it.”

Average score: +1.125

Jennifer Lawrence
Breanne: -2 “I think Jennifer needs some sleep and maybe some Midol. She looks exhausted and needs to put a brush through her hair. And what’s with those lips? Has she been hanging out with Goldie Hawn or something? And, I’m sorry, but that dress looks like a nice big towel from a fancy hotel. #Fail.”
Nikki: +1 “While she’s on the right track with the shorter hemline, this Chloe dress is just not doing it for me. Those curves deserve a form fitting dress! Remember that L’Wren Scott number she wore to the 2011 Critics’ Choice Awards? Now, that’s what I’m talking about!”
Ambika: 0 “The zero is me being kind because I love Jennifer. And I love her face here. But I do not love this baffling, napkin like Chloe dress on her. And her stylist should be fired for making her wear black pumps with it.”
Sabrina: -1 “Jen, please get some rest. Even though you continue killing it in your awards show speeches and late-night appearances, I think the pneumonia has finally taken its toll on your judgment. Save this dress for your next trip to the beach, when you take your much-deserved vacation.”

Average score: -0.5

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