Pass The Salt: 10 Dysfunctional Family Dinners In Movies And TV

The holiday season is made for spending time with loved ones and getting drunk before 5. And with booze and the occasional conservative grandparent comes the potential for rowdy holiday meals.

Since you’ll likely be surrounded by people over the next few weeks, we want you to know that a few harsh words or stray tears are A-OK. Because if you can’t say something regrettable in front of family, who can you say it in front of, right? Shhh, Grandma. We said no healthcare talk on days ending in “y,” remember?

Film and television know this potential for awkward interaction all too well, or simply that forcing food in front of characters with issues can result in great comedy. Whether you prefer to ask for the asparagus à la Kevin Spacey in American Beauty or, like Will Ferrell, really want your first cousins to know what kind of car you’re riding in these days, allow these fine moments of dysfunction to set the bar.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at VH1. And may your upcoming meals be much less dramatic than the following…

Gossip Girl (Season 3, Episode 11)
Spotted: New York’s elite gathered together in the far from modest Van der Woodsen abode to give thanks. But when a few poor souls forget to tie up loose ends (or cover their tracks) everyone has suddenly lost their appetite.

Note: You’ll never be able to get Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” out of your head after this one.

American Beauty (1999)

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