• Jackie ChristieCast Member
    Jackie Christie

    Jackie Christie, wife of retired Los Angeles player Doug Christie, is famous for her outlandish antics and over-the-top meltdowns.

    This season, the Jackie Christie roller coaster flies off the rails. With her constant need for the wives' attention mixed with her epic and frequent mood swings, Jackie is unable to stay in control and when her husband Doug accepts an assistant coaching job, Jackie really takes a turn for the worse.

    Will Jackie's long distance marriage and unexplained outbursts prove too much for her to overcome or will she find her happily ever after?

  • Shaunie O'NealCast Member
    Shaunie O'Neal

    Shaunie O'Neal, ex-wife of one of the basketball world's most respected players, Shaq, is busier than ever. She faces life head-on as a successful entrepreneur while raising five children. Shaunie works hard to balance work, kids and her growing relationship with boyfriend, Marlon.

    Residual beef between her and Brandi still lingers and Brandi won't feel welcomed in LA until it's squashed. Will Shaunie finally break bread with Brandi or will the battle of "I'm the boss" continue?

  • Tami RomanCast Member
    Tami Roman

    Tami Roman is the veteran basketball wife and ex of Kenny Anderson.

    In Basketball Wives LA Season 5 Tami moves to LA from Houston with her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood. The couple wants desperately to have a child together but Tami has suffered three miscarriages and it's causing their relationship to hang in the balance. While in LA they will meet with the city's best fertility doctors to assist them in their struggle.

    Tami is also managing her daughter Jazz's budding music career but when she joins forces with newbie Duffey to direct her music video, things turn sour and Tami's fiery temper rears its ugly head. Tami is a master at cultivating her anger, but will she finally go too far when she finally unleashes her rage on Duffey?

  • Malaysia PargoCast Member
    Malaysia Pargo

    Malaysia Pargo has finally found peace after divorcing Charlotte player Jannero Pargo. Last season Malaysia begrudgingly formed a stable relationship with Jackie and now Malaysia demonstrates her unwavering loyalty despite Jackie's newest emotional spasms.

    Malaysia shows her true colors as she struggles to welcome the two new wives, Duffey and Angel Love. Will Malaysia's unwillingness to make new friends cause tension in the group or will the veteran wives take her side?

  • Brandi MaxiellCast Member
    Brandi Maxiell

    Brandi Maxiell continues to struggle in her relationship with player Jason Maxiell. Last season she hoped their "timeout" would stop Jason from his promiscuous ways, but after months with no change in sight, she has taken a stronger stance and separated from Jason. Jason's attempts to win her back continue, but Brandi fights to find her independence.  Will Jason be able to win Brandi's trust back or is it game over for their marriage?

    With her childhood best friend and newest basketball wife, Duffey, Brandi is determined to have fun and stay out of drama. However, if her Puerto Rico beef with Shaunie O'Neal finds no resolve, will Brandi be able to enjoy her time here in LA?

  • Angel BrinksCast Member
    Angel Brinks

    Angel Brinks, ex-girlfriend and baby mama of New Orleans player Tyreke Evans comes to the group this season with best friend Angel Love. A mother of two, Angel tries hard to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with running and designing her own clothing line.

    It's a huge year for Angel Brinks' fashion line and Angel is excited to celebrate in style. However, with the stress of party planning and Angel Love's rocky introduction to the group, Brinks struggles to keep her cool.

    This season, Angel Brinks fights to bounce back from each bout of adversity, but when her most trusted ally, Jackie Christie, turns on her, will it prove too much for her to handle?

  • Angel LoveCast Member
    Angel Love

    Angel Love, girlfriend and baby mother of Washington player Dejaun Blair, moves to LA via her best friendship with Angel Brinks. With things on the rocks with her man, Love is looking to meet Brinks' new girlfriends and just have some fun.

    It doesn't take long for Angel Love to learn that some of the ladies don't take too kindly to fresh blood. Tensions with Brandi and Malaysia come to a head on several occasions. After getting close with Jackie, Love sees Jackie's other side and worries that she may be the devil. Will Angel Love stick it out in LA or will she run for the hills?

  • LaTosha DuffeyCast Member
    LaTosha Duffey

    LaTosha Duffey (best known as simply Duffey) is Brandi's longtime friend whom she affectionately refers to as her "sister". Duffey is a successful club DJ who is engaged to basketball agent, Iman Shokouhizadeh. She moves to LA in hopes to "take over" the DJ scene and make a bigger name for herself.

    After stirring up some drama with Brandi's long time bestie, Malaysia, she makes it known to the rest of the girls that she doesn't take any crap.

    When Duffey and Tami team up to work together on Tami's daughter Jazz's music video, their working styles clash and the two go head-to-head. Will their friendship survive one of the biggest fights in Basketball Wives history?

  • Draya MicheleCast Member
    Draya Michele

    Seasons 1-4

    Draya recently made her mark in the fashion industry with the launch of her new clothing line "Fine Ass Girls".

    On her final season, Draya got called out by the other women for being self-centered, running away from problems, and distancing herself. She put her friendships on the line when she made an unforgivable comment about Brandi's cancer battle.

  • Mehgan JamesCast Member
    Mehgan James

    Season 4

    Meghan James is fresh to the scene in LA and looking to make friends. A friend of Jackie Christie, Mehgan immediately starts stirring up trouble for herself when the other ladies start to question where her alliances lie.

    Mehgan, not one to ever hold her tongue or shy away from getting physical, immediately rubs Draya the wrong way. Is there room in the LA group for this newbie or will her outspoken ways land her in hot water?

  • Patrice CurryCast Member
    Patrice Curry

    Season 4

    Patrice Curry, joining the circle this season, is the wife of former NBA player, Eddy Curry. A friend of Malaysia and mother of seven, Patrice has had to deal with a lot in her life, including adultery and other common troubles of being with a league player.

    This season, Patrice has a tough decision to make when she battles with whether or not to adopt Eddy's son, who was conceived out of his infidelity.

  • Brittish WilliamsCast Member
    Brittish Williams

    Season 3

    Fierce new addition to the group, Brittish Williams is a firecracker! Engaged to oversees basketball superstar, Lorenzo Gordon, Brittish is establishing herself in LA as a businesswoman and a future basketball wife. But this sassy shoe designer can't seem to stay out of the drama and she seems to make enemies faster than she does friends.

  • Sundy CarterCast Member
    Sundy Carter

    Season 3

    Sundy Carter, a long-time friend of Jackie Christie, starts stirring up trouble from the moment she is introduced to the group. Suffering from one scandal after another, Sundy wishes she could keep her private life private. Unfortunately for her, the secrets just don't stop coming and her consistent support of Jackie lands her in hot water on more than one occasion.

  • Brooke BaileyCast Member
    Brooke Bailey

    Season 2

    Popular video vixen, model, and longtime friend of Draya, Brooke Bailey joined the scene as a new addition to the lineup. This sexy single mom is a straight shooter who takes flack from no one.

  • Gloria GovanCast Member
    Gloria Govan

    Seasons 1 + 2

    At the age of only 12 years old, Gloria Govan would meet the man whom she had planned to marry, Matt Barnes. After several years apart, Matt and Gloria would reconnect when he played near Gloria's hometown of Oakland, CA. The two fell in love and now have two beautiful identical twin boys. At the young age of 24, Gloria finds time to do it all. Using her business major and book smarts, Gloria is also the executive director of Matt's foundation Athletes Vs Cancer and is heavily involved in several other charities. Gloria is currently focusing full-tilt to making a go of her burgeoning acting career.

  • Laura GovanCast Member
    Laura Govan

    Seasons 1 + 2

    Laura Govan, sister of Gloria Govan, is looking fit and fierce. While Govan family ties run strong, Laura has developed some doubts about how the Hollywood lifestyle may be affecting her relationship with her sister.

  • Imani ShowalterCast Member
    Imani Showalter

    Season 1

    Imani Showalter, ex-fiancee of player Stephen Jackson and mother of three, has fought hard against being stigmatized since parting ways with her famous ex and she isn't shy to confess that she hasn't dated since. A former singer with a New York girl group, Imani says she's in the process of "rediscovering what makes me happy again...I want to find my passion and that's where I want to go".

  • Kimsha ArtestCast Member
    Kimsha Artest

    Season 1

    Kimsha Artest, self-described 'partner' of Ron Artest and mother of three, is proud of her New York (Jamaica, Queens) roots and is no fan of living in Los Angeles. After seventeen years with Artest, she's rolled with the punches when it comes to the basketball lifestyle. Kimsha refuses to resign herself to the LA "party" lifestyle, also shying away from the bling.