• Michael Corleone BlancoCast Member
    Michael Corleone Blanco

    Following some breakthroughs in therapy and the early termination of his parole, Michael feels like he finally has his life back. His love and mother of his child Marie Ramirez De Arellano is done with her family for good, and Michael feels pressured, more now than ever before, to provide a good life for her and baby Faith.

    To do so, he plans to literally "grow" Pure Blanco after deciding T-shirts are small-time. He and his business partner Mike "Majix" Yuen are focused on the future, and the future is legal 420. Pure Blanco is up for a partnership with a top licensed cannabis dispensary company known as Cookies headquartered out in California, but with every new venture comes new risks.

    Because of his past, Michael will always have eyes on him, and Marie worries marijuana is too dangerous a path for Pure Blanco, not to mention all the traveling to and from California Michael will need to do. At this point, Michael isn't worried about anything but getting the bag, which leads him to corner Marie with an ultimatum: Get on board or get out.

  • Marie Ramirez De ArellanoCast Member
    Marie Ramirez De Arellano

    Marie was born into the cartel life. Her father kept his business private, but the family knew he was involved in something nefarious. After many years of being in and out of prison, he was able to leave that life behind, but he has chosen to leave Marie behind, as well, now that she has chosen to spend her life with Michael Corleone Blanco, youngest son of notorious "Cocaine Godmother" Griselda Blanco.

    Frustrated with her family situation, Marie made a mistake she will regret forever: She decided to confront her parents and brother. The confrontation took a violent turn, and Marie landed in jail for three nights. Now, she faces up to a year in prison. With her relationship with her blood family irreparably damaged, the little family she's built with Michael is all she has left, but she's worried Michael isn't as committed to their union as she is.

  • Kat "Tatu Baby" FloresCast Member
    Kat "Tatu Baby" Flores

    When Kat "Tatu Baby" was four years old, her father, a high-ranking henchman in the Colombian cartel, was gunned down outside a club in Queens, NY. Growing up without a father, Kat learned a lot about the pain this cartel life brings, but in spite of that, she still fell for the bad boy Eddie Soto.

    Six years ago, just before the birth of their son, Kat found out Eddie was unfaithful. Before she could decide on her next move, the law decided for her: Eddie was arrested on drug charges and sentenced to four years in federal prison, leaving Kat alone with a broken heart and a newborn baby.

    Now, Eddie has been released and is back in Kat's life. Even though he broke her heart and her trust, she's giving their love another chance. Kat claims she'll never trust him like she did before he cheated on her, but she feels herself falling in love with him all over again.

  • Stephanie AcevedoCast Member
    Stephanie Acevedo

    Stephanie is no stranger to struggle with men. Her father's career as a drug trafficker for the cartel tore her family apart and left them with a legacy of pain as he spent most of Stephanie's childhood behind bars.

    After her father was released from prison, he jumped back into a relationship with Stephanie's mom. Stephanie watched as he cheated on her mother and shattered her heart, leaving the family broken once again. She grew up determined to never let a man treat her that way.

    Now, as she watches her best friend Kat "Tatu Baby" Flores accept her ex Eddie Soto back into her life, she worries Kat might suffer the same fate as her mother. Stephanie takes these concerns to Eddie, causing a rift between her and her best friend that might be beyond repair.

  • Nicole ZavalaCast Member
    Nicole Zavala

    Nicole and her twin brother Michael Zavala have never known struggle. Their family was able to enjoy the spoils of the cartel life without having to sacrifice their lives or serve time in prison. In spite of that sheltered upbringing, Nicole has still known genuine heartache. She was bullied for her appearance most of her life and dated several abusive men.

    Now, Nicole's personal life is looking up. She's found a man -- NBA player Torrey Craig -- and he treats her like gold. They have been dating for only a couple months, but Nicole is ready to take their relationship to the next level, as she's been overcome by baby fever.

  • Michael ZavalaCast Member
    Michael Zavala

    Michael has always been the good brother. For the past year, he's taken care of his twin sister Nicole Zavala and put his own personal life on the back burner. Now, he has a new boyfriend and is ready to move on from living with his sister, but he has serious concerns about her being on her own.

    Despite this baby fever that's overcome Nicole, Michael worries she would have a hard time taking care of a baby. He's on a constant quest to remind Nicole he still takes care of her, so what makes her think she's ready for a baby, and is she sure her boyfriend Torrey Craig is the one?

  • Carlos "Loz" OliverosCast Member
    Carlos "Loz" Oliveros

    Loz grew up surrounded by the world of the Mexican cartel. After narrowly escaping a bloody shootout, he decided to make a change. He discovered his gift for the art of tattooing and is now one of the most respected tattoo artists in Miami, but his newfound success is threatened by the demons of his past.

    The pain of losing loved ones to violence keeps him from fully embracing his new path and his relationship with his daughter. He has finally secured regular visitation with his daughter. Now, he wants to make sure he maintains his relationship with his ex, Yolanda. It's hard for Loz to control his temper, and he's focused on not losing his relationship with his daughter again, but peace with his ex might be easier said than done.

  • Dayana CastellanosCast Member
    Dayana Castellanos

    Dayana Castellano is grateful for her second chance at life. After serving three years in prison for running a ring of marijuana grow houses, she is back at home with her four children. Her husband wasn't as lucky. Only a few years into a 20-year sentence, Dayana's husband isn't scheduled for release until after his children are fully grown. Her husband is serving his time across the country in California, and even though money is tight, Dayana is committed to getting their children out there to see him.

    On the home front, Dayana's life is anything but drama-free. Her girlfriend Isis was recently arrested on drug charges and locked up in prison. As a result, her relationship with her children has become strained. Dayana's oldest daughter Alexandra feels like her mother was irresponsible in letting them form a relationship with Isis knowing she was involved in drugs and might get sent back to jail. Now, they've lost two important people in their lives -- their father and Isis -- and they feel their mother is to blame.

  • Mike "Majix" YuenCast Member
    Mike "Majix" Yuen

    Majix can't believe he and his Pure Blanco business partner Michael Corleone Blanco are getting back into the drug game. Majix grew up in Miami and got swept up in the streets at the age of 15. For years, Michael and Majix were running drugs together and living large off the profits, but everything changed when Majix became a father. He gave up the drug life and started to pursue his true passion: music.

    Even though Majix was done with the life, the feds were not done with him. He was arrested on drug charges and spent four years away from his son in a facility in Texas. Now, he's trying to rebuild his career and his relationship with his kid, as he believes taking care of your children is the only way to be a real man.

  • Ali Cabrera TapiaCast Member
    Ali Cabrera Tapia

    Nicole Zavala's longtime best friend Ali worries Nicole is moving too fast with NBA player Torrey Craig. Ali grew up in the drug world, and one lesson she learned very early was to keep your circle of trust small. After losing an ex-boyfriend and two cousins to the Dominican cartel, she knows the true cost of this life and isn't quite sure Torrey fits the mold for her bestie.

  • Eddie SotoCast Member
    Eddie Soto

    Eddie started his life in the drug game at the age of nine. Until his arrest four years ago, the only life he knew was one of danger and struggle. Now that he's a free man, he is trying to start over. He wants to be a good father to his sons Deniro and Eddie Jr., and a good partner to Kat "Tatu Baby" Flores. He never imagined he would be in a romantic relationship so soon after his incarceration, but he's determined to prove to Kat he's a changed man and won't break her heart again.

    Despite his best intentions, there's already trouble in paradise. Kat is used to being top dog in her house and having the final say when it comes to parenting their son Deniro. She wants to support Eddie as he tries to reintegrate into a normal life, but it's harder than she thought it would be. She still worries Eddie will fall back into the drug life or cheat on her again and that he won't only break her heart, but their son's heart, too.

  • Ivette SaucedoCast Member
    Ivette Saucedo

    As an old friend of Stephanie Acevedo, Ivette understands where Steph is coming from with her concerns for Kat "Tatu Baby" Flores. Her father, too, spent most of his life in the drug game. Born in Mexico, he legally immigrated to the U.S. but was stripped of his citizenship after being arrested by the feds. Ivette was conceived during his time in prison, and after his release, her father was deported to Mexico, but he couldn't live without his family, so he traveled back to the border and illegally crossed to join them in California.

    For a while, life was good, but Ivette's father wasn't able to leave the drug life behind. He spent most of her life in and out of prison. Ivette remembers being 10 years old and watching the feds swarm her house and shoot the family dog. Each time her father was arrested and deported, he made his way back to his family in the United States -- and the drug world.

    Her father has since passed away, and Ivette is proud of his legacy. She believes he did what he needed to do to survive and provide for their family, and blames a lack of opportunity as the force that kept pushing him back into the drug world.

  • Salomé JacksonCast Member
    Salomé Jackson

    Like her friend Dayana Castellano, Salomé is used to being misunderstood. The world may know her as Betty Idol from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but there's much more to this mysterious songbird that was kept under wraps. 
    Salomé calls herself a "Texan Jersey Girl," though her roots are in Colombia. As a young girl, she and her four younger siblings lived the lifestyle of the rich and famous, complete with unlimited budgets for shopping sprees and a loving dad who owned a nightclub, but it didn't take long for her to find out she didn't have a normal family. 
    Her father's affiliation with the Cali Cartel led to Salomé being tied up, robbed and held at gunpoint during her youth. At five years old, the cops illegally raided her home and dragged her father out in his underwear. He was supposed to be deported but escaped and fled to New York. Over the next few years, Salomé and her family lived on the run between Texas and New York. She went to five elementary schools and seven high schools, never able to establish stability or lasting relationships, a challenge still plaguing her today. 
    At age 18, looking for an escape from "the lifestyle," Salomé moved to Atlanta to pursue her music career and worked with major artists like 2 Chainz and Polow da Don. She excelled and landed a publishing deal, but the celebration was short-lived when her father and brother both landed in jail. Salomé dropped everything and moved back to New York. 
    The weight of the world fell on her when she had to step into her father's shoes and handle the businesses, pay the mortgages, pay attorney fees and ultimately be the caretaker of the family. Recently, her father was transferred to a prison near Miami. Wanting to continue their regular visits, Salomé made the move to Florida. She's hoping the Sunshine State will give her a fresh start. After all, that's where it all began; that's where her mom and dad met. Can Salomé end the cycle of crime and give her family a new story?