• Michael Corleone BlancoCast Member
    Michael Corleone Blanco

    Michael is the youngest son of Griselda Blanco, the notorious Cocaine Godmother who ran the streets of Miami until her assassination in 2012. Blanco is rumored to have taken her first victim at just 11 years old and murdered close to 200 people. Despite his mother's bloody past, Michael is determined to create a new reputation for the Blanco name. After spending time in jail for drug-related crimes, he and his baby mama Marie started a lifestyle brand called Pure Blanco. Michael is trying to make legit money, but staying straight is hard for a man who is used to making $20K before breakfast.

  • Marie Ramirez De ArellanoCast Member
    Marie Ramirez De Arellano

    Marie was no stranger to the cartel life before she met Michael. Her parents both went to prison when Marie was a child, but even with their stints in prison, her family disapproves of her relationship with Griselda Blanco's son. Marie has given up everything for the man she loves and is devoted to Pure Blanco despite the fact that Michael refuses to make her a legit business partner -- and maybe for good reason, as Marie has a few secrets in her past that may shock even the unflappable Michael.

  • Kat "Tatu Baby" FloresCast Member
    Kat "Tatu Baby" Flores

    Kat "Tatu Baby" Flores inherited her boss-like qualities from her father, a drug kingpin back in the day. Tatu was just four years old when her dad was murdered, and she turned to the arts as a way to escape the bad influences in her life. Staying far away from the game isn't always easy, and the cartel life is never far away. Tatu fell in love with a man named Eddie and lived the Bonnie and Clyde lifestyle -- fast, furious and dangerous -- but it all came crashing down when she got pregnant and Eddie was busted on a drug charge and sent to federal prison. Realizing she wanted a better life for her son, Tatu decided to use her inherent hustler qualities and open her own tattoo studio, Till the End Tattoos. Now, she's not only one of the best tattoo artists in the world, she's her own boss.

  • Stephanie AcevedoCast Member
    Stephanie Acevedo

    Stephanie's fairy-tale childhood came crashing down when her father was taken away and incarcerated for smuggling drugs. After seeing her family lose everything at nine years old, Stephanie vowed to do whatever it takes to be successful. She is on her way to fame and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. She's living out her dream as an aspiring Young Money recording artist and is constantly seen with the hottest celebs in town. Stephanie is out to prove she has real talent. Haters gonna hate.

  • Nicole ZavalaCast Member
    Nicole Zavala

    Nicole is daddy's little princess and in return is given everything she ever wants, including multiple plastic surgery procedures, cars, shoes -- the list goes on. She's both fascinated by and ignorant of the cartel life. Despite growing up excessively wealthy, she has never felt the need to know how deep her family runs in the cartel. While she hasn't lost close family members to Miami's drug trade, she has fought her own personal battles; she overcame severe bullying and now tries to make other girls as confident as she is with two of her own "legit" businesses (a waist trainer line and an eyelash line). She knows she is hot stuff and isn't afraid to flaunt the confidence it took her years of surgery to get. In her own words, she's "the hottest thing walking right now -- you're welcome!"

  • Michael ZavalaCast Member
    Michael Zavala

    Michael is the buttoned-up twin who stays out of trouble. He thinks the crowd Nicole runs with is whack and bad for her reputation but has no problem getting feisty to defend his sister. Michael is the "responsible" twin and is focused on his career as an interior designer. He caused a rift within his family after he was engaged to be married to a woman but broke it off once he came out as gay, yet Nicole has supported him all the way. They now live together in a decked-out penthouse fit for royalty. These twins would accept nothing less.

  • Carlos "Loz" OliverosCast Member
    Carlos "Loz" Oliveros

    Loz was born in Mexico and grew up immersed in the cartel life. It was only after narrowly escaping a bloody shootout that he decided to make a change. Loz picked up a skill his father learned while in jail: the art of tattooing. He is now one of the most respected tattoo artists in Miami. Loz has won numerous nationwide competitions and works out of Tatu Baby's shop Till the End Tattoos. Behind his easy smile, Loz carries the pain of having lost loved ones to rival gang and cartel activity, namely his brother who was murdered and dismembered. Loz tries to put the dark times behind him and live like there is no tomorrow -- for himself and for his daughter. He has no other choice but to persevere.

  • Dayana CastellanosCast Member
    Dayana Castellanos

    Dayana is grateful for her second chance at life. After being sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for her role in running marijuana grow houses in South Florida, she is back at home with her four children while her husband remains in jail. A lot has changed since she was incarcerated. She is no longer interested in a life of crime -- or men for that matter. That's right, Dayana is out celebrating her freedom with her new girlfriend. Between trying to bond with her children, getting her husband out of jail and making time for romance with her new woman, Dayana has her hands full.