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    Ray J

    A household name by way of his literally growing up in the entertainment biz along with his R&B diva sister, Brandy, Ray J has created his own unique and multi-faceted brand. Beginning his career with acting turns in popular sitcoms, Ray J made his debut as LJ at twelve on comedian Sinbad’s self-titled show, Sinbad, and appearances on a number of other TV shows and films, including his sister Brandy's iconic sitcom, Moesha. Ray J teamed up with his sister again for the VH1 reality show entitled Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business, followed by a spin-off series, For The Love Of Ray J.

    Ray J has also impacted music with chart topping singles like "Sexy Can I" and "Wait A Minute", an infectious clubbangin' collaboration with industry heavyweights The Neptunes. With a new single blazing the charts, "Brown Sugar" featuring Lil Wayne, Ray J is hotter than ever.

    With a wealth of hit TV shows and chart-topping singles under his belt, the infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian, and his documented reputation as a Hollywood turn-up king, Ray J has long been one of the most sought-after bachelors in Hollywood. His struggle to find love and keep it has always been a hot topic. Likewise, his current relationship with girlfriend Princess Love has made a huge splash in tabloids and on the blogs as well.