• Lil' KimCast Member
    Lil' Kim

    Lil' Kim is a Grammy Award-winner and the first woman in hip hop to score three consecutive Billboard number one singles. She's a multiplatinum rapper, an actress and a fashion icon who remains one of the most influential people in pop culture. Lil' Kim's fifth studio album is "9" (2019).

  • Rozonda "Chilli" ThomasCast Member
    Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas

    Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas is a singer-songwriter, dancer and entrepreneur. In addition to being a member of the renowned musical group TLC, Chilli is the founder of nonprofit group Chilli's Crew, which works with young girls in Atlanta.

  • MyaCast Member

    Mya is a Grammy Award-winning international pop superstar and actress who broke into the mainstream with her platinum self-titled record. In addition to an extensive discography and film resume, Mya has recently emerged as a leader in vegan lifestyle activism.

  • Vena "Pretty Vee" ExcellCast Member
    Vena "Pretty Vee" Excell

    Vena "Pretty Vee" Excell is a rapper and comedian who stars on MTV's Wild 'N Out. She rose to fame via her viral skits and characters and has become a popular parody act.

  • B. SimoneCast Member
    B. Simone

    B. Simone is a rising comedian who also stars on MTV's Wild 'N Out. She has amassed a loyal fan base from her viral social media videos and has headlined sold-out comedy tours.

  • Tiffany PanhilasonCast Member
    Tiffany Panhilason

    Tiffany Panhilason is an actress, model, host, dancer and entrepreneur with a long-standing friendship with Lil' Kim. She is the founder of the lifestyle clothing brand One One Six and is an activist for the Mentari Human Trafficking Survivors Empowerment Program.

  • Char DefrancescoCast Member
    Char Defrancesco

    Char Defrancesco is a philanthropist, socialite, former model and entrepreneur who runs a successful candle business. He recently celebrated a marriage in what was called the "wedding of the century."