• Andrea KellyCast Member
    Andrea Kelly

    Drea, ex-wife of R-Kelly, has returned to LA having spent the last several months full-time in Chicago with her children. But this time, Drea's not alone. She has a new man in her life and it is beyond serious...they're engaged! Unfortunately, planning a wedding brings up painful memories of her last marriag, and Drea's counting on her sisters and best friend, Tony, for support. But as Tony and the other ladies get to know Drea's fiancé, Brian, they start to question the wisdom of the sudden nuptials.

    Drea is hoping that once and for all, she can step out of her ex's shadow and move on with her new man - but she has a hard decision ahead of her. Does she take the advice of her lifelong friends? Or does she take a leap of faith for a second chance at love?

  • Jessica CansecoCast Member
    Jessica Canseco

    Ex-wife of Jose Canseco, Jessica is single and ready to mingle. Her 17-year-old daughter, Josie, is getting ready to leave for college and Jessica finds herself with a lot of time on her hands -- time for fun and time for trouble. When some of the women start to question her taste in men, Jessica runs off her infamous mouth -- leaving the ladies to question whether Jessica even has a place in their sisterhood.

  • Mayte GarciaCast Member
    Mayte Garcia

    Mayte's last year has been one of milestones and memories. Her adopted daughter, Gia, recently turned two and motherhood could not agree with Mayte more. Having reunited with an old flame, Mayte is in a serious committed relationship for the first time since her divorce (from ex-husband, Prince).

    But with her boyfriend, Humberto, currently living in Florida Mayte is forced to live a life in limbo. Her clock is ticking and she's ready to move forward and start a family with her new guy - but is he ready to make the big move?

  • Nicole MurphyCast Member
    Nicole Murphy

    Ex-wife of actor Eddie Murphy, Nicole has put her nuptials to daytime TV host Michael Strahan on hold while they juggle their busy schedules. With Michael primarily in New York, Nicole has plenty of things to keep her busy in Los Angeles -- including raising her two youngest children, launching a new Moscato brand, and helping her friend, Shanna, as a judge in the Miss Nevada USA pageant. To top it all off, Nicole and Michael have moved yet again, this time, just a few doors away from her ex.

    Despite her demanding schedule, Nicole always has time for her friends. But this year, loyalties are called into question and her lifelong friendships will be tested like never before.

  • Shamicka LawrenceCast Member
    Shamicka Lawrence

    Shamicka Lawrence, ex-wife of Martin Lawrence, is still a little raw from her recent divorce. But Shamicka is looking to a bigger and brighter future and she's got her girls to lean on for support. With a combination of her gluten-free diet, exercise, and stress-free single life Shamicka has been keeping her Lupus at bay and is healthier and happier than ever.

    Now that Shamicka is well practiced at cutting out the unhealthy influences in her life, she's not willing to take any abuse from anyone. When Jessica once again offends the groups with a few nasty, name-calling text messages, Shamicka vows that their friendship is over for good.

  • Shanna MoaklerCast Member
    Shanna Moakler

    Actress, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist Shanna Moakler is the newest member of the Hollywood Exes sisterhood. Having made a name for herself over the years for her work in film, television, print, and more, the former Miss USA titleholder is more than just an ex to heavy-weight champion Oscar de la Hoya and drummer Travis Barker. She's a beauty pageant director and hardworking mom of three by day, and the fun-loving, life of the party by night.

    Whether she's starting a new business or establishing new friendships, Shanna refuses to pull any punches or compromise her beliefs. Never one to stand in the shadows, Shanna is sure to shake things up in the sisterhood.

  • Sheree FletcherCast Member
    Sheree Fletcher

    Sheree is the former wife of actor Will Smith and current wife of ex-NFL-star-turned-pastor, Terrell Fletcher. With her son Trey grown and spending less and less time at home, Sheree is feeling restless and is ready to let loose with her girlfriends.

    It's also a year of re-evaluation for Sheree, and she's questioning everything and everyone in her life. From her role in Terrell's church, to her friendship with the ladies, Sheree is ready to make some life-changing decisions -- but not everyone will be happy about it.