About The Show

I Want To Work For Diddy

Diddy. He only needs one name, but he needs a virtual army of help to keep his legendary empire of music, acting, fashion, sports, fragrance and television running. The ultimate secret weapon in that army? Diddy's personal assistant.

After an exhaustive nationwide search, VH1 found determined young men and women with the raw potential to assist and exist with of one of the world's most demanding CEOs. Over the course of two seasons, applicants participated in a range of challenges, many based on the real life experiences of Diddy's previous assistants. In addition to completing these tasks, the applicants had to do their best to impress an intimidating panel.

Throughout the series Diddy will share his business acumen with viewers by setting up a series of challenges that runt the gamut from "The Art Of Multitasking" to "No Bitchassness Allowed". For reals.